ClassPlus™ PowerPlay™ Deluxe Hockey Packs

Upgraded 24-player packs include double the equipment, plus our new all-steel RinkKing™ Storage Cart!


Get the entire class involved and store everything, goals included, in the all-steel RinkKing™ Floor Hockey Storage Cart. Customized floor hockey equipment packs include 20 of our premium PowerPlay™ sticks in your choice of material by corresponding length to accommodate all ages and abilities.

Choose the shortest, 36"L, stick in flexible, lightweight ABS for beginners, progress to 42"L Reinforced ABS, 47"L Fiberglass, or 47"L Wood-Shaft for intermediate play, or use the longest, 52"L, stick in durable Aluminum for the most advanced players and games. Packs also include 4 goalie sticks, 4 RinkPro™ Official Folding Steel Goals, 12 pucks, 6 PVC balls, 4 goggles, 1 RinkKing™ Cart, and game instructions.

Pack options:

Each Pack also includes:


Which floor hockey stick is right for me?
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