Wilson® MG2 Mouth Guards

Maximum protection against concussion, plus a great fit!


Protect your mouth and head with these high-quality mouth guards! Their design helps them absorb a tremendous amount of energy.

Great Protection

Upon impact, teeth can be chipped or knocked out, and the mouth could get cut by teeth or braces. These mouth guards serve to avoid those problems, while also working as a shock absorber, creating a spacer between the top and bottom row of teeth and drastically reducing the risk of concussions.

Easy to Mold

The mouth guards easily mold to your teeth. Using the strap, place a mouth guard in boiling water for 70 seconds, then remove and place it in your mouth, wrapping the bottom row of your teeth. Bite down for 10 seconds and release. The mouthpiece will now be a custom fit for your mouth, all set for game play!

Wilson® MG2 Mouth Guards

Wilson® MG2 Mouth Guards are available individually, in 2 sizes.

  • Youth
  • Adult 
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