Rainbow® Cyclone™ Rubber Footballs

Color pattern adorned on this youth football allows you to see your perfect spiral!


Made with a tough two-ply rubber cover, this ball was designed to stand up to rough play over long periods of time.  Its fun cyclone color pattern helps users practice their spiral, as the 2 colors create a sort of vortex while flying through the air when a tight spiral is thrown.

Pattern Improves Throwing

The colored panel design gives the player instant feedback on the rotation of the ball and the tightness of the spiral. The bright Rainbow colors contrast with the black on the ball for high visibility, as does the bright white striping.

Having a tight spiral is extremely important for better accuracy in throwing and easier catching, so this ball is an excellent choice for young students learning to throw spirals with consistency.

Excellent Design

This ball is made with performer grade premium rubber backed with nylon windings for increased strength and longer-lasting durability. The deep pebbling and raised laces make the ball user friendly and increase a player's chances of successfully throwing and catching. 

The ball’s premium cover also protects its built-in rubber bladder, which provides outstanding air retention. This quality of design makes it one of the most popular footballs we carry, especially at schools, camps, and rec programs.

Options for Teachers

The balls come in multiple colors, which makes it easy for teachers to divide their classes up based on skill level or drill choice. Red balls could be used for one station, orange for another, with each station working on different skills.

Rainbow® Cyclone™ Rubber Football Options

Rainbow® Cyclone™ Rubber Footballs are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 in 2 sizes.  

  • Pee Wee
  • Youth
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