SportSkillz™ Soccer Training Station Packs

Save time with one-of-a-kind packs that are designed to easily introduce students to the key skills of soccer!


Station Boards and Teacher Overview Cards provide photos and complete instruction, saving time and providing a circuit-style routine for the entire class. Each durable 18” x 18” Station Board is paired with specific equipment and rests on our custom SmartHolder™ cone. Cards provide further details for each station. Keep students practicing their new skills with 4 additional group activities! Beginner Pack includes 12 ea Rainbow® Intro-Sport™ and Rainbow® Supra™ Balls (Size 5). Intermediate Pack includes 24 Gopher Victory 1000™ Balls (Size 5). Both packs include 2 ea 72"W x 42"H QwikPro™ Round Pop-Up Goals, 12 Orange Plastic Cones (12"H), set of 12 SmartHolder™ Cones, set of 6 VersaBagPlus™ Mesh Storage Bags, and 1 set of SportSkillz™ Boards/Cards. Boards/Cards also sold separately. Additional details about each product included in these packs are listed below.

Beginner Pack includes:

Rainbow® Intro-Sport™ Soccer Balls, Size 5 (12 ea)

Rainbow® Supra™ Soccer Balls, Size 5 (12 ea)

Intermediate Pack includes:

Gopher Victory 1000™ Soccer Balls, Size 5 (24 ea)

Both Packs include:

QwikPro™ Round Pop-Up Goals, 72"W x 42"H (2 ea)

Orange Plastic Cones (12 ea)

Sturdy and colorful, these versatile cones are great as markers, targets, boundaries, and more! Keep activities organized with these high-visibility polyethylene cones. They're stable and tough enough to last, yet lighter weight than our vinyl game cones.

Rainbow® SmartHolder™ Cones (12 ea)

VersaBagPlus™ Mesh Storage Bags (Set of 6) (12 ea)

Durable polyester mesh bags have shoulder straps to haul big loads. Versatile storage bags feature cord closure with slide lock. Available in Rainbow® Sets; Large also available individually. Station Boards/Teacher Overview Cards (1 set)

Station Boards/Teacher Overview Cards (1 Set)

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Station Boards/Cards Only

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