UltraSoft™ Jr. Sets

Oversized hockey and polo stick heads are great for teaching the basics!


Unique angle of the larger head keeps sticks on the ground during play and bigger surface area makes for easier contact. Made of safe, durable urethane foam. Each stick features a 36”L x 1” dia plastic shaft with a 4”L comfort grip. Available in a hockey or polo sets.

Hockey Sets. 10-Player Set Includes 10 sticks (5 ea red and blue), 1 red foam ball, and 1 blue foam puck. 20-Player Set is double the equipment. Hockey head is 10 ⅘”H x 11½”L x 2½”W.

Polo Sets. 12-Player Polo Set Includes 12 sticks (6 ea red and blue), 1 blue foam ball, and 1 red foam ball. 24-Player Set is double the equipment. Polo head is 12½”H x 6”L x 2½”W.


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