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Defender™ Soccer Balls

The most durable rubber ball you can buy with a cover that’s 2x thicker than a standard ball!

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Two layers of superior rubber paired with premium nylon windings for double the durability and longevity, no matter the surface or intensity of use. Butyl bladder for great air retention. Choose balls individually, in Rainbow® Sets of 6, or in 10-Ball Sets with hands-free storage.

Individual Balls. Choose Black/White in Size 4 or Size 5.

Rainbow® Sets. Choose coloful sets of 6 in Size 4 or Size 5.

10-Ball Sets w/ Storage. Include 10 Black/White balls with a VersaBag™ BackSack™. Choose Size 4 or Size 5 balls.

Sport Tips

Which soccer ball is right for me?

Cover Material

Composite: Offers superior touch and softness. The best for competition.
Polyurethane: Provides a soft touch, with durability and water-resistance. For practice or match play.
PVC: Durable and scuff/water-resistant, but not as soft as polyurethane. For practice and recreation.
Rubber: Waterproof and the most durable, especially on asphalt. Great for institutional use.
Felt/Suede: The softest, friendliest cover material. Exclusively for indoor use.

Bladder Material

C-2: The best touch and rebound, but with improved air-retention due to its mix of carbon and latex.
Latex: Offers superior touch and rebound. Least air-retention quality; requires more frequent filling.
Butyl/Rubber: Retains air exceptionally well and provides uniform pressure dispersion.

Size Recommendations

Size 3: Elementary

Size 4: Middle School

Size 5: Junior High and Up


Size 5: Ages 11 and Up

Size 4: Ages 8 to 11

Size 3:  Ages 8 and Under

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