Jaypro™ World Cup Anchors

Keep your soccer goals safely anchored without damaging the grass or turf!


Make sure your portable soccer goals are secured in place during soccer games and practice. Soccer goal anchors provide a safer alternative than using sandbags or extra equipment to keep the goal in place. Feel confident about the safety measures on your field with a stable, convenient solution.

Jaypro™ soccer goal anchors are made with a durable, hard plastic shell that can easily be filled with either 50 lb of concrete, 39 lb of sand, or 24 lb of water. This is the ultimate above-ground solution for anchoring goals as it won’t destroy your turf surface or field. There’s no need to pound holes in the field!

These temporary ground anchors are molded with a 4⅜”W x 3¼”H opening to fit over both round and flat/square types of crossbars. At least 4 anchors are required to safely hold down a full-size soccer goal. Place one anchor on each side of the goal and two anchors along the back crossbar.

Goal anchors include built-in handles that allow them to be carried for convenient transport. They can also be stacked on top of each other for easy storage. The thick plastic shell keeps anchors from cracking outside, and cap screws on tightly to keep filler materials inside. You can order the Jaypro™ World Cup Anchors as a Set of 4 or individually!

Don’t wait any longer to thoroughly secure your soccer goals with these damage-proof anchors!


Uses Anchors full-size goals without damaging grass or turf
Dimensions Overall 12"L x 12"W x 8½"H; Crossbar opening 4⅜"W x 3¼"H
Weight 3 lb each (before filling)
Material Hard plastic shell
Capacity (Volume) Holds 50 lb concrete, 39 lb sand, or 24 lb water
Color Yellow
Options Individual or Set of 4 (at least 4 anchors required for a full-size goal)



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