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ClassPlus™ DiamondKing™ Softball Packs

DiamondKing™ Cart with everything you need to equip a full class on two softball fields!

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Gloves, bats, balls, and more, all in age-appropriate sizes. Includes:

  • 1 ea    DiamondKing™ Cart
  • 24 ea  Gopher Gloves (10 RT/2 LT each of 2 sizes)
  • 8 ea    Rawlings® Batter's Helmet
  • 6 ea    Gopher and/or Easton® Slow Pitch Bats
  • 2 sets Grid-Bottom Softball Bases w/ Home Plate 
  • 18 ea  Gopher VersaBall™ Softball, Yellow
  • 18 ea  Rubber Sponge-Core Softball, White 

Additional details about each item included in this pack are listed below.

Gopher AllStar™ All-Synthetic Gloves (24 ea in Elementary/Middle School Packs)

Includes 10 Right Throw and 2 Left Throw of each size; 11"L and 12"L.

Gopher Impact Zone™ All-Synthetic Baseball Gloves (24 ea in Middle School/Jr. High Pack)
Includes 10 Right Throw and 2 Left Throw of each size; 12"L and 13"L.

Gopher Black Diamond™ Leather/Synthetic Baseball Gloves (24 ea in Jr. High/High School Pack)
Includes 10 Right Throw and 2 Left Throw of each size; 12½”L and 13½”L.

Rawlings® Batter’s Helmets (8 ea)

Easton® S50 Slow Pitch Softball Bats (6 ea Elementary/Middle School Pack)
Elementary/Middle School Pack: 6 ea 32"L; 25 oz. Middle School/Jr High Pack: 3 ea 33"L; 26 oz.

Easton® S300 Slow Pitch Softball Bats (6 ea Middle School/Jr High Pack & Jr High/High School Pack)
Middle School/Jr High Pack features 3 ea 33"L; 26 oz and 34"L; 28 oz. Jr High/High School Pack has 6 ea 34"L; 28 oz.

Grid-Bottom Base Sets (2 ea)

Gopher VersaBall™ Softballs (18 ea)
Soft, versatile, player-friendly balls don't sting and are lighter weight for indoor/outdoor practice and play. Sponge-Rubber core. Synthetic-Leather cover. Yellow.

Gopher Soft-Core Rubber Softballs (18 ea)
Tough, durable rubber for learning the basics, indoors and out. Rubber cover. Soft sponge-rubber core. White.

DiamondKing™ Baseball/Softball Cart (1 ea)


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