FUNoodles™ Foam Rods

Soft, flexible noodles put the FUN back into obstacle courses!


Flexible 60""L rods of lightweight 2-1/2"" dia make obstacle courses safe and fun! Quickly assemble with connectors to create targets, hurdles, and obstacles for a wide range of activities. Non-intimidating colors and a soft foam texture are ideal for younger kids.

Supremely Safe

A polyethylene foam construction eliminates any danger for kids as they make their way through obstacles. Thoughtful design prevents pinching, bumping, or any other accidents that might befall younger students as they run, jump, duck, climb, and crawl their way through an obstacle course. When kids come into contact with an obstacle, the foam serves to absorb the energy, leaving no room for injury or intimidation.

A Range of Options

A range of different shapes can be constructed by simply sliding rods into connectors with holes or noodle connectors. Connectors with holes are great for making hurdles, while regular connectors can be used to create arches and circles. Foam shapes can also be incorporated into games as targets for tossing activities or “safe zones” for team games, expanding the possibilities of different sports units.

Great for Young Students

Soft foam design and non-intimidating, bright colors alleviate fear for kids as they approach any style obstacle course. Accidents are virtually erased when it comes to bumping into obstacles or hurdles—the foam construction will absorb all impact without harming kids. Courses built using FUNoodles™ Foam Rods are ideal for teaching basic agility skills to beginners. Body awareness becomes second nature as students traverse obstacles, ducking and weaving to avoid them as they maintain balance and coordination. Not to be used as a water safety device.

FUNoodles™ Foam Rod Options

FUNoodles™ Foam Rods are available in a set of 24. Connectors available in sets of 3.

  • Foam Rods, 60""L
  • Connectors w/ Holes, 10""L
  • Noodle Connectors, 9""L
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