Splash & Slam Basketball and Volleyball Systems

Versatile design allows both basketball and/or volleyball play in the pool.


Base units weigh 500 lb when filled with water, making this a very stable system. Four-way leveling on the basketball system permits use on sloped pool decks. Tough, durable polyethylene bases with aluminum posts. Truck delivery.

Basketball System. Includes 1 base unit, 1 post, polyethylene backboard with goal and polyester net, and basketball.

Volleyball System. Includes 2 base units, 2 posts, 32' nylon net with extension rope (to accommodate a 70' wide pool), and volleyball.

Basketball/Volleyball System. Includes 2 base units, 2 posts, polyethylene backboard with goal, polyester net, 32' nylon net, 1 volleyball, and 1 basketball. 

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