Introduce the javelin safely, indoors or out with the Turbojav™!


These durable, easy-to-grip polyethylene javelins have soft noses that won’t scratch your gym floors. Kits include 3 javelins, 3 vinyl targets, an instructional video, a coach’s guide, a lesson plan, and a storage bag.

Varying Lengths

Turbojav™ comes in several lengths. The shorter javelins help teach younger students the correct technique with a lighter javelin that is easier to throw. The longer length javelins are used as training tools for older, more experienced throwers.

Safe and Durable

The javelins are made of polyethylene, making them extremely durable to withstand being thrown and landing on any surface, indoors or out. Their soft noses ensure they will not scratch floors or hurt users.

Kits come with storage bags that fit everything included with them. This makes transportation a breeze!

Turbojav™ Options

Turbojav™ is available in kits or individually.

  • Turbojav™ Kits. Include 3 javelins, 3 vinyl targets, instructional video, coach’s guide, lesson plan, and storage bag.
    • Kit #1 with 3 Beginner Turbojav™
    • Kit #2 with 1 ea Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Turbojav™
  • Turbojav™
    • Beginner, 27”L, 300 g
    • Intermediate, 27”L, 400g
    • Advanced, 42”L, 500g
  • Turbo Spier
    • 42”L, 600g
    • 72”L, 700g
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