Tachikara® SV-5WH Volleyball

A Tachikara® game ball is a step up in leather quality and feel, specifically designed for high school competition.


Top-grade leather, paired with Tachikara’s patented Loose Bladder Construction® create the perfect ball for top-level competition.

Upgraded Leather Construction

Designed specifically for high school competition, Tachikara® make it with premium materials and superior craftsmanship. Its full-grain leather is a step up from the SV-5WM's leather, so it provides a soft feel while sporting exceptional durability. No spike can compromise this ball's performance!

Patented, Friendly Design

The patented Loose Bladder Construction® creates an air buffer between the bladder and the cotton reinforced panels under the leather cover. This absorbs impact from spikes, digs, and bumps, keeping the bladder intact and saving players' arms. The cotton panels work with the leather cover to provide a softer touch.

The ball’s design was created to give players a comfortable, controllable feel during play. As a result, players will experience greater precision in passing, setting, and spiking. Official size and weight. NFHS Authenticating Mark.

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