Mikasa® VSL215 Volleyball

Recreational Mikasa® outdoor volleyball stands up to heavy use on any indoor or outdoor surface.


With an extremely-durable synthetic-leather cover, this ball will easily take on sand, wood, and even asphalt surfaces. It contains a cloth-wrapped, reinforced butyl bladder for extra durability and long-lasting air retention.

Quality Construction

Containing a butyl bladder, this ball retains its shape and air despite repeated impacts. The nylon-wound, synthetic leather cover promotes longer ball flight and helps the ball stand up to use in practice and games. The combination of low-cost and quality construction makes this ball a perfect cost-effective selection for competitive outdoor volleyball in recreational programs for kids and adults alike.

Amazing for Any Setting

Whether you play indoors or out, this ball is perfect for any game! The construction helps it stand up to outdoor elements. The red, white, and blue design helps players track the ball outside, especially on sunny days where visibility can be an issue. 

Mikasa® VSL215 Volleyball Options

Mikasa® VSL215 Volleyballs are available individually in 2 colors.

  • White
  • Red/White/Blue
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