Fitness Spots

Students run, jump, and swing into action with these illustrated exercise spot markers.


Get a set of spots that is perfect as a fitness program aid, an exercise circuit, a guide for warmups, and a marker set. Resilient, weatherproof, and flexible, these molded-vinyl spots can be used indoors or out on almost any surface.

Easy Exercise Circuits

These spots allow you to incorporate an exercise circuit into any activity. For example, for your next game of dodgeball, set these markers up in the out-of-bounds area and have students that are knocked out perform 5 to 10 seconds of each exercise until the game is over or they are allowed back into the game.

Each of these ¼” tall spots features a molded-in figure and description of 10 exercises: running in place, sit and reach, crab kick, bicycle, jumping jack, push up, sit up, toe touch, windmills, and body fold. This provides you with numerous options when setting up your next exercise circuit.

Durable Design

A 100% vinyl construction allows these spots to withstand everyday institutional abuse. The spots are rip- and crack-resistant, and do not become brittle like other similar products on the market. V inhibitors help the spots keep their color over a long period of time.

A tacky bottom keeps the spots firmly in place on gym floors without marking them up. Molded top lettering not only provides fade-proof exercise instructions, but also provides additional traction for students who step on them. Both of these features ensure greater safety for anyone using the spots.

The spots are made with phthalate-free, lead-free and, latex-free materials, which helps to keep your students safe.

Numerous Uses

At 9” in diameter, this is our most popular sized spot, as the size makes it a great fit for a wide variety of other uses. In addition to exercise circuits, you can use them for marking boundaries, as balance spots, and as targets in games.

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