EcoFit™ Yoga Mats

Our best yoga mats feature an extra-soft feel and a latex-, PVC-, and chloride-free material that's easy on your skin!


Give your students the best latex free yoga mat and provide them with the comfort and support they need to learn yoga the right way. These mats support any pose and offer superb grip for great stability. Dual-textured surface added superb traction and is easy to clean. 

Our Best Yoga Mats

Designed to be a cut above the rest, these latex-free yoga mats are the pinnacle of quality and comfort, so your students can practice poses with complete peace of mind. Because they’re free of latex and other harsh chemicals, contact with skin is always comfortable and will never leave behind rashes, red marks, or hives. Moreover, they offer a decent degree of cushion to protect against the extreme firmness of gym floors and other hard surfaces. Built-in mesh makes it one of our strongest mats.

In addition to being supremely comfortable on the floor, mats are also extremely easy to carry thanks to a built in carrying strap. The entire mat rolls up into a compact cylinder, which can be easily slung over the shoulder as it’s carried to lockers or equipment storage closets.


  • The practice of yoga engages core muscles to provide an excellent total body work out and enhance balance, flexibility, posture, coordination, and strength.
  • Safe for all users, as it is latex-free and hypoallergenic. This construction eliminates the irritation some users have from contact with latex or other chemicals that occurs in full-body poses such as cobra or seal.
  • You’ll no longer have to worry about students being uncomfortable or slipping during balance poses and holds. Use of mats also eliminates the discomfort caused by hardwood floors.
  • Used mainly for yoga practices and poses such as downward dog, cobra, warrior, tree, and more. Can also be used for basic stretching, Pilates, or more recent programs such plyometrics.
  • By using a combination of exercise and breathing techniques, yoga provides a total body workout that has both physical and mental benefits. In most yoga classes, the focus on the physical poses (called asanas) can be done quickly to increase heart rate and develop strength, or more slowly to increase stamina, improve balance, and promote flexibility.
  • A slip-resistant, ribbed bottom is made with tacky, textured material that won’t slip out from under users, keeping them safe during stretches.
  • Each mat is 72"L x 24"W x 7 mm thick.
Why incorporate yoga into my fitness program?
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