Score Flippers

Portable, economical, and easy to use scoreboards.


The simplest, most efficient way to score games manually, these portable flip scoreboards can be used on virtually any flat surface and managed by a single person with ease. High visibility makes them amiable to audience members even at a distance. Safe storage and resilient construction maintains great functionality over time.

Economical Scoring

Because these portable flip scoreboards are so easy to use, simple to set up, and resilient in the face of institutional use, they’re a supremely economical choice for budget-conscious programs. Use them for basketball, football, volleyball, wrestling, and any other sport or exhibition match that requires scoring for a one-size-fits-all solution to real-time updates.

Vinyl numbers are durable and can stand up to constant handling and flipping. Vinyl is mold-resistant and resilient against accidental tearing, making it the perfect choice for reliable longevity. When not in use, the back base of the flipper can be folded over the front to protect numbers.

Simple Operation

Changing the score is as easy as flipping numbers over the front of the scoreboard, corresponding the points with the home or guest designated side. Basic Scoreboards count from 00-99, while 3-Digit Scoreboards count from 000-999, for higher-scoring matches. Flipping the numbers is easy thanks to metal rings.

The flat base of these portable flip scoreboards allows them to be set atop any table, which improves visibility for onlookers and spectators. Large 5”H numbers stand out against a colored background—red and blue, designating home and guest teams.

Score Flipper Options

Score Flippers are available in 2 models.

  • Basic Scoreboard
  • 3-Digit Scoreboard
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