Rainbow® Mighty Mesh™ Plus Bags

Our strongest mesh bag just got better! 


Our Mighty Mesh™ sports equipment bag has always been a favorite for gym teachers and athletes alike. Now we’ve made it even better with a brand new shoulder strap for hands-free hauling! This nylon strap is stitched on both sides so it stands up to particularly hefty loads without ripping or tearing. The mesh is twice as thick as other mesh bags, and can hold over 200 lb!

New Shoulder Strap

This bag is made from the best and most heavy-duty mesh on the market. Now that it has a shoulder strap, it’s more convenient than ever. This strap is double-sided at the bag connection points, providing extra strength to ensure it always gets the job done. It is also adjustable, so you can make sure the bag fits around your shoulder comfortably.

Reliable Strength

The bag is able to hold more than 200 lb, which makes it strong enough to handle just about anything you need to carry out to a playing area or gym. An extra-thick cord rope and heavy-duty stopper keep the bag shut, protecting your gear at all times during transportation and storage.

Multiple Sizes and Colors

Bags come in Rainbow® Sets of 6 in Large, and can hold up to 6 official-size basketballs. The extra-large size can hold up to 10 official basketballs, and is available individually in red and blue.

Rainbow® Mighty Mesh™ Plus Bag Options

Rainbow® Mighty Mesh™ Plus Bags are available in Rainbow® Sets, in 2 sizes. Large bags also available individually in red or blue.

  • Rainbow® Set of 6
    • Large, 36”L x 24”W
    • XL, 40”L x 30”W
  • Large Individual Bags.
    • Blue
    • Red
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