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ACTIVE! Evader Ball Sets

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Evade your opponent’s defense and score in multiple ways!

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Teams use speed and agility to defend their goals while crossing the center line to score on their opponents! Divide the play area in half with a row of 10 half cones balancing breakaway balls. Each team’s side also houses a goal and a speed post with that team’s main ball perched on top. At the start, players rush to grab the center balls and throw them through the opposing team’s goal. But watch out! If the defense takes a flag from your flag belt, you’re out! The only way to return to play is if a teammate scores. The team with the most points after a predetermined amount of time wins. Or, if a team manages to bring the opposing team’s main ball back to their own side without getting their flag pulled, they automatically win!
Three variations of the game are included to keep the game fresh and encourage participation from students of all ages and skill levels. Versatile equipment allows for indoor play (on a basketball court or in a gym) and outdoor play in a grassy field! The Complete Set accommodates up to 12 players, while an Add-On Set (sold separately) accommodates another 12 players. Pair them together for a class of 24!
Complete Set
  • Flag Belts, Large (6 ea Red, Blue), Set of 12
  • Breakaway Balls, 7" dia (6 ea Red, Blue), Set of 12
  • Goals w/ Bases, adjust 41-96"H, 2 Ea
  • Speed Posts w/ Bases, 2 Ea
  • Stay-N-Play Half Cones, 36 Ea
  • Activity Instructions, 1 Ea
Add-On Set
  • Flag Belts, Large (6 ea Red, Blue), Set of 12
  • Breakaway Balls, 7" dia (6 ea Red, Blue), Set of 12


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