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UltraFit™ Evolve™ Pull-Up Bar System
Heart Education
Heart Rate Training
AssessPro® Stay-N-Jump™ Mat
Ignition Interval Timer
AssessPro® Starter Testing Pack
AssessPro® UltraFlex™ Testers
MVP™ Race Timer
AssessPro® Station Boards and Cards
AlterGrip™ Angled Pull-Up Bar
IronRange™ Expandable Pull-Up Bar System
Polar® A300

Polar® A300

Polar® M400

Polar® M400

Polar® H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Straps
InBody BAND Activity Monitor
InBody 120 Body Composition Analyzer
FITstep™ Pedometer Training
FITstep™ Pro PowerPlus™ Pedometer Packs
Polar® GoFit™ Class Monitoring System
Smedley Grip Testers
Optic™ Strapless Heart Rate System
ClassPlus™ Complete Pedometer Packs
AdjustAble™ Chinning Bar
InBody 270 Body Composition Analyzer
Polar® A370 Heart Rate Monitor
Contact™ Heart Rate Monitors
Dip, Ab, Pull-Up Station
FITstep2™ Pedometers
StepReady™ Pedometer Belt
VariGrip™ Pull-Up Bar

Easy-to-use fitness assessment equipment from Gopher Sport simplifies PE class and sport testing!

Efficiently assess your students’ and players’ fitness levels with testing equipment from Gopher. This gear adds convenience and eliminates the extra time usually spent preparing for fitness assessment tests.

Fitness Testing Equipment

Create an effective fitness assessment circuit in your PE class with straight-forward testing tools like pull-up bars, timers, and unique flexibility testers. Precisely engineered equipment ensures students use proper technique to achieve accurate results. Coaches can also use this gear to test the fitness abilities of their athletes.


Easily track activity and participation levels during PE classes with pedometers. They motivate students to keep moving throughout class to achieve step count targets and MVPA benchmarks. Teachers can use this data to assess student performance and set personal goals.

Heart Rate Monitors

Gain in-depth knowledge about performance and track student/athlete health using heart rate monitors. Wearing a monitor motivates them to stay active throughout class or practice. Teachers and coaches can use this information to tailor lesson plans and activities, create engaging challenges, and provide feedback to students and parents.

Scales and Body Composition

Provide students and athletes with a complete assessment of body health using body composition analyzers and scales. Use them to track weight, BMI, and body fat percentage. Teachers can use the information to create custom lesson plans to assess student health, while coaches can use it to alter training plans for athletes.

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