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AssessPro® Rep-Addition® Push-Up Tester

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The best push-up tester on the market ensures accuracy and proper form!

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Ensure accurate push-up test rep counting thanks to a console that counts completed pushups as soon as it touches the user’s chest. Audible feedback with every rep ensures the user they properly completed the exercise. The hand pads and tester console quickly adjust to ensure proper form for any user.

Counts Reps

Students won’t need a partner to count their reps for them! Instead, this device features a built-in counter that eliminates user error, as well as bad reps. Users will need to perform a full pushup to reach the high-precision sensor located inside the console, and the only way to do so is to touch their chests to the device.

Safe for Use

The tester is made with TPR rubber, the same kind of material commonly used in the soles of running shoes. This lessens the concern of injury if a user lands on the tester harder than usual.

Easy to Use

Simply place the tester on the floor, clear the screen, and go! A textured foot pad makes it easy for users to grip the floor during testing so they can focus on performing the proper exercise. The device works great for circuit training.

AssessPro® Rep-Addition® Push-Up Tester Options

AssessPro® Rep-Addition® Push-Up Testers are available in a Rainbow® Set of 6 or Individually.

  • Rainbow® Set of 6
  • Individual Blue


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