AssessPro® Stay-N-Jump™ Mat

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The most convenient and durable long jump assessment tool!

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Featuring a nonslip, ultra-durable vinyl, this mat eliminates the hassle of using tape on your gym floor or thin, slippery mats to assess your students during a standing long jump test. Molded-in numbers and lines won’t wear off over time, even after years of tests. To improve your standing long jump, you need to practice, and this is the only test we offer.

Long Jump Testing

Easily use this mat to test the standing long jump, a great means of measuring strength and power in shoulders, hips, and quads. The mat lays out and pulls up quickly, eliminating the time spent laying down a straight line tape, measuring the distance, and then having to peel it all back up.

The user stands at the starting point, to the right or left of the mat. Without taking a step, the user swings their arms and jumps straight out as far down the mat as possible. Two students can complete the test at once, on each side of the mat.

Sturdy Design

Made of a durable 1/4” thick polyvinyl material, this mat is built to last for years. Though users are not jumping on the mat, it is still important the mat stays in place during testing, and the tackiness of this material ensures it will grip on to the surface of the floor. 2” increments molded into the mat make will not wear off over time.

Six sections link together to form the full length of the mat, making it easier to move from room to room, especially when compared to heavy mats that are one solid roll. These 6 sections are in the different Rainbow® colors, which make it easy for students to track and remember their progress.


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