AssessPro® Torso-Flex™ Trunk Lift Tester

Put down the ruler and pick up Torso-Flex™ – the first and only tester made for assessing the trunk lift!


Traditional assessment of trunk strength and low back flexibility calls for careful judgment and a ruler to measure the distance between the mat and a student’s chin. The only trunk lift tester we offer, Torso-Flex™ makes accurate assessment quick, easy, and safer, as the tester won’t allow a student to extend past 12”.

Reliable Testing

Early testing of the trunk lift and back flexibility was done with a ruler. One person would hold the ruler on one side of the head while the other student would test. However, this sort of reading was eyeballed and left room for error. This new system eliminates that margin of error, as the user moves the paddle and results stay in place until reset, allowing for significantly more accurate readings.

Now, students and teachers will be able to effectively and accurately measure trunk extensor strength and flexibility throughout the year, tracking results and progress. The measurements go up to only 12”, making this the maximum score allowed for fitness testing.

Easy to Use

Simply place the unit on the floor and set a mat over the stabilizing strip of the machine. The user then lies face down while a partner calibrates the lever to the correct setting. The student performing the test flexes his or her back muscles, lifting their trunk off the floor. The paddle will then move as high as the user pushes it. 

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