Rainbow® AssessPro® Stay-n-Fit™ Crunch Strips

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Nonslip strip stays in place, crunch after crunch!

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Featuring an ultra-tacky, nonslip material, these strips grip tight to the floor and will never slip during a curl up test. The tough, tear-proof construction gives students a good point of contact during a curl up or sit up test.

Simple Use

Use this convenient strips for abdominal curl up testing, providing measurable data on muscular strength and endurance. The strips lay down on the floor to provide a “target” for students to reach during testing. Students then sit up into the exercise and attempt to reach them.

High-Quality Strips

Each strip is made with a durable, tacky rubber. Unlike other strips on the market, these will never slip during use, which provides for consistent targets for students during their testing. They are also designed to be lightweight, which makes them easy to move and store. Because they are smaller than mats, they help save space to set up more tests and other activities within confined spaces.

All strips align with fitness testing standards. Available sizes include 3”W for ages 5-9, and 4.5”W for ages 10 and up.

Rainbow® AssessPro® Stay-n-Fit™ Crunch Strip Options

Rainbow® AssessPro® Stay-n-Fit™ Crunch Strips are available in 2 sizes.

  • 3”W Strips, Set of 6
  • 4.5”W Strips, Set of 6


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