ShuttleRunner™ Tester

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Easy-to-use device for better, more accurate shuttle run tests.

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Help your students perform the shuttle run test at maximum speed with a tester that’s easy to pick up and stays where it’s placed. A contoured handle makes for an easy grasp.

Shuttle Run Test

The shuttle run gets a measure of general speed, agility, and coordination, important attributes for many sports. Students run back and forth between two parallel lines as fast as possible. Set up 2 lines of cones 30 feet apart or use line markings to indicate the shuttle run distance, and place 2 testers side-by-side directly behind one of the lines. Starting at the line opposite the blocks, the participant sprints to the other line, picks up a tester, and sprints to place it back on the starting line. Then the participant turns and sprints back down to pick up the second tester, then sprints back with it across the starting line.

Great Design

The handle of this tester sits up off the floor, allowing students to get a more controlled, safe, and secure grip as compared to other items used for this test that have no designated handle space. The testers are a bright yellow color, making them easy to see. Their triangle shape keeps them steady on the floor.