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AdjustAble™ Chinning Bar
Dip, Ab, Pull-Up Station
VariGrip™ Pull-Up Bar
BroadPro™ Jump Mat
AlterGrip™ Angled Pull-Up Bar
IronRange™ Expandable Pull-Up Bar System
Ultrak® 4" LCD Portable Timer
Physical Education Assessment Toolkit Book
UltraFit™ Evolve™ Pull-Up Bar System
Robic® 6" LED Up/Down Timer
AssessPro® Modified Pull-up Fitness System
Meeting PE Standards Through Meaningful Assessment
Ignition Interval Timer
AssessPro® UltraFlex™ Testers
MVP™ Race Timer

MVP™ Race Timer

AssessPro® Rep-Addition® Push-Up Tester
AssessPro® Curl-Up Mats
AssessPro® Rep-Addition® Curl-Up Tester
AssessPro® Torso-Flex™ Trunk Lift Tester
AssessPro® Flex-Solo™ Testers
Rainbow® AssessPro® Stay-n-Fit™ Crunch Strips
ShuttleRunner™ Tester
Smedley Grip Testers
AssessPro® Stay-N-Jump™ Mat
Health o Meter® Stadiometer
AssessPro® Station Boards and Cards
AssessPro® Starter Testing Pack
Vertec® Vertical-Jump Tester
ClassPlus™ AssessPro® Curl-Up Mat Packs
ClassPlus™ AssessPro® Testing Pack

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Efficiently assess student and athlete performance with your purchase of fitness testing equipment from Gopher Sport!

Gopher’s professional assessment equipment makes fitness testing easy! All products are made of high-quality materials and constructed to endure frequent use, setup, takedown, and storage. They provide teachers with instant and accurate feedback.

Quickly and accurately assess curl-ups, push-ups, and flexibility using Gopher’s exclusive testing equipment. These tools add accuracy and precision to testing. The revolutionary designs conform and adapt to all ages and user sizes. Each assessment tool is easy to use and allows students to self- or group-test with minimal supervision.

Shop for fitness testing equipment at Gopher!