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Buy informative heart rate monitors from Gopher Sport and track student progress during class!

Heart rate monitors are a fantastic way to gain in-depth fitness assessment information about your students and athletes, as well as generally monitoring their health.

Our highly-accurate monitors come in assorted styles, from strapped to strapless. A heart rate watch with a chest strap offers an automatic, continuous flow of information for the most accurate reading. While a strapless heart rate monitor uses electro-optical technology or contact sensors to track heart rate.

Monitors also track extra information including target zones and max or average heart rate, with some also coming with Bluetooth functionality or built-in GPS.

Which heart rate monitor is right for me?

Heart rate monitors (HRMs) range from simple to high-tech. Choose the HRM with the features and functions that best fit the goals for your class or program.

Key features and functions of HRMs

  • Average Heart Rate: The average number of heartbeats per minute measured over a specific time period.
  • Max Heart Rate: The highest recorded heart rate for a given period of time.
  • Percent of Max Heart Rate: Calculates percent range of maximum heart rate based on either actual maximum heart rate or age-predicted heart rate.
  • Target Zone: The optimal heart rate achieved during exercise, with an alarm that warns if the high or low limits are exceeded.
  • Time in Target Zone Exercise: Time spent between high and low limits.
  • Total Exercise: Time spent exercising since last reset.
  • Activity Tracking: Automatically records daily activity.
  • Calorie Counter: Calculates number of calories expended during exercise.
  • Smartphone Notification: Transmit data and notifications to mobile devices.
  • Data Transfer: Transfer of recorded heart rate information to software program for analysis and retrieval.

Buy your preferred heart rate monitors from Gopher!