Heart Rate Charts


Target zones for ages 10 and up.

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Give your students a quick and easy visual representation of what heart rate they should be shooting for. These heart rate charts come in 2 sizes for different age ranges.

Easy Reference

Now students in your class can simply glance at one of these posters to figure out what their target heart rate is. Large, clear tables and charts make them easy for users to glance at before, during, and after activity. Target heart rate charts also contain instructions on how to take your pulse on either the wrist or the neck, which is helpful for classes that might not have monitors available. The age 6-19 poster breaks it down to a 10 second count, then shows conversion to beats per minute.

The posters have been laminated to ensure they remain in good condition for years of use.

Heart Rate Chart Options

Heart Rate Charts are available individually, in 2 age ranges.

  • Ages 10 and up, 22”L x 17”W
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