Mio™ FUSE Heart Rate Monitor

All the accuracy of a strapped heart rate monitor, fused with activity tracking technology!


The perfect blend of patented optical heart rate monitoring technology, an activity tracker, and a sports watch in 1 sleek wristband designed for all-day use. Customize your display and program activity goals and heart rate zones with multi-color LED light and vibration alerts. 


  • Works exclusively with the Mio Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) app, a metric used to break down heart rate and other data into a single meaningful score. The goal is to maintain a 100.
  • Features Optical Heart Rate Technology, which senses blood volume and applies algorithms to measure the rhythms of the heart.
  • Contains a durable silicone strap and casing to handle intense activity and provide water resistance up to 30m.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth® and Ant+ to transmit heart data.
  • Features a timer, clock, data review, and simple 2-button functionality.
  • Recharges via USB.
  • Stores up to 25 hours of workout data for better review and tracking.
  • Power Plus Storage Case contains foam on inside to organize all heart rate supplies and protect contents from the elements for packs.
  • Brings activity tracker, heart rate monitor into one watch, without the use of a chest strap.

Mio™ FUSE Heart Rate Monitor Options

Mio™ FUSE Heart Rate Monitors are available in packs or individually.

  • Mio™ FUSE Heart Rate Monitor Packs. Include monitors, 10-port USB hub, and case.
    • 6-Pack
    • 12-Pack
    • 24-Pack
  • Individual Monitor
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