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Optic Strapless Heart Rate System


Break away from chest straps with the ultimate heart rate tracking solution exclusively for PE!

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Instantly gather data for the entire class with a continuous heart rate stream with Gopher Optic. Powered by patented, clinically-accurate electro-optical monitoring technology from Mio, monitors are always accurate. Engage your students in physical activity and then keep track of everyone's performance by wirelessly syncing useful data into a clean user interface on your iPad or other mobile device!


  • Monitor tracks:
    • Average and Max heart Rate
    • Time in Target Zones
    • Total Exercise Time
    • Calories
  • Optical sensor tracks pulse from the wrist for greater comfort and ease of use.
  • Monitor worn on wrist for increased freedom and comfort.
  • Moisture-resistant band adjusts from 5.9" to 8.2".
  • Bright LED indicator lights indicate when a Target Zone is reached, providing instant feedback and quick recognition for students.
  • Monitor easily transfers data to the AssessTech Group Fitness app to assess users on one screen in real time!
  • The Gopher HUB can relay data for up to 100 heart rate monitors simultaneously. Students must stay within 30’ outdoors or 50’ indoors to transmit data.
  • Generate and share class reports from data collected by monitors.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts for 6-8 hours.
  • Storage case included in packs makes it easy to organize and protect equipment when not in use.

Report Features

At the end of an activity session, the AssessTech Group Fitness app auto-generates reports for each individual participant via Dropbox. Reports include the following data:

  • Participant’s name and class
  • Date of data collection
  • Start time and duration of activity
  • Average/Maximum/Minimum heart rate
  • Calories burned
  • A chart displaying the percentage of time spent in each heart rate zone
  • A real-time graph displaying activity and heart rate zones

AssessTech Group Fitness App is compatible with iPad and iPad mini (2nd generation and beyond) running OS 7.1 or later. Optic monitors also connect to most handheld devices via Bluetooth and ANT+ to link data with other fitness apps for personal use.

Software is free to download HERE.

Pack Options

  • Gopher Optic Packs. Include monitors (6, 12, or 24 Ea), 1 HUB with AssessTech, HUB Stand, USB chargers, and a case with laser-cut foam.
  • Gopher Optic PowerPlus Pack. Includes:
    • Gopher Optic Monitors, 24 Ea
    • HUB with AssessTech, 1 Ea
    • HUB Stand, 1 Ea
    • iPad 5th Generation, 1 Ea
    • 10-Port USB Chargers, 2 Ea
    • Gopher Teach-nique Heart Rate Banner, 1 Ea
    • Resource Book, 1 Ea
    • PowerPlus Storage Case, 1 Ea

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