Polar® A300

The next generation of Polar™ heart rate monitoring now paired with activity tracking.


The A300 features all of the technology you need for outstanding and easy heart rate monitoring, such as average and max HR, activity tracking, calorie counter, and much more. This entry-level dual purpose strapped watch works great for people looking for more insight into their activity levels.


  • Can be worn all day to motivate students to reach activity goals, such as steps, distance, and calories burned.
  • The monitor straps to the chest, with the heart rate transmitted to the watch accurately in real time, allowing for easier checking during workouts and on-the-fly training adjustment.
  • Chest strap features a soft, flexible elastic band, more comfortable than most others on the market. It can easily be adjusted to fit users within their specific size ranges.
  • Each monitor syncs with the Polar Flow app, a great resource for teachers to view info on their class.
  • Monitors are water resistant up to 30m, and feature standard USB charging.
  • The transmitter measures the electrocardiogram (ECG) signal from the heart, providing an accurate and reliable timing reference for the occurrence of heartbeats. The harder you exercise, the higher your oxygen consumption and the higher your heart rate.
  • Vibrating inactivity alerts keep users from being inactive for extended periods of time.
  • Strap and monitor should be regularly cleaned for accurate readings.
  • Included storage case makes it easy to keep monitors organized after classes.

Polar® A300 Heart Rate Monitors Options

Polar® A300 Heart Rate Monitors are available in packs or individually. Chest straps also sold separately.

  • Polar® A300 Packs. Include monitors, chest straps, and locking case.
    • 6-Pack
    • 12-Pack
  • Individual Monitor
  • Chest Straps
    • X-Small to Small, 10 ea
    • Medium to XXL, 10 ea
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