Polar® H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Straps

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The most popular and reliable heart rate monitoring chest strap from Polar®!

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An EKG-accurate heart rate sensor provides precise, real-time data. The sensor clips to a comfortable, elastic strap that conforms to the user’s torso. The Polar H10 heart rate sensor is compatible with most cardio equipment and mobile devices by singing data via Bluetooth Smart technology. It also connects with the Polar A300 and M400 heart rate monitors.


  • The H10 monitor syncs to a variety of apps used on mobile devices and exercise equipment via Bluetooth.
  • The transmitter sends electrocardiogram (ECG) information straight to the app, allowing you to track your body’s exertion level.
  • Each cloth heart rate monitor strap is soft and comfortable. The strap is lined with silicone dots to prevent it from slipping.
  • Moisten the electrode areas of the strap with water, attach the connector to the strap, and then wrap that strap around the chest. The sensor should be flat up against your skin.
  • The battery is replaceable. To get the most out of a battery, detach the transmitter from the chest strap after each use.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap Options

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Straps are available in packs, in 2 strap sizes, or individually.

  • Polar H10 Packs. Includes 10 monitors with straps and a protective carrying case.
    • Small Straps
    • Large Straps
  • Individual Polar® H10 Monitor with Strap
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