Polar® M400

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Convenience of a heart rate monitor, activity tracker, and GPS all in one.

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In addition to all the standard heart rate features, the Polar® M400 with heart rate monitor includes features such as a finish time estimator and interval timer. It is the most advanced monitor we offer, with an included GPS function, the only monitor we have with a GPS function included.


  • Help students keep track of their heart rate! Wear this monitor all day or during activity to track steps, distance, calories burned and more.
  • The monitor straps around the user’s chest, then transmits the electrocardiogram (ECG) signal to the wrist watch, where users can access all of their heart rate information.
  • A built-in GPS keeps track of pace, distance, and altitude for teams or classes looking for these types of exact details out of their training sessions.
  • Visual/audio alarms go off whenever a user enters or exists their target heart rate zone.
  • The device syncs with the free Polar Flow app, a great resource for teachers or coaches to view info on their classes or teams. The watches sync up, and information for each monitor can be analyzed.
  • The chest strap is made with a soft elastic material, made to be more comfortable than others.
  • The monitor is water resistant up to 30m and features standard USB charging.
  • Vibrating inactivity alerts tell users when they are not exerting enough energy.
  • The included storage case makes organizing monitors easier than ever before.
  • Strap and monitor should be cleaned to keep readings accurate.

Polar® M400 Heart Rate Monitor Options

Polar® M400 Heart Rate Monitors are available in packs or individually. Chest straps also sold separately.

  • Polar® M400 Packs. Include monitors, chest straps, and locking case.
    • 6-Pack
    • 12-Pack
  • Individual Monitor
  • Chest Straps
    • X-Small to Small, 10 ea
    • Medium to XXL, 10 ea
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