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PowerPlus™ Heart Rate Monitor Packs

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Each PowerPlus™ Pack gives you everything you need to introduce heart rate monitoring to your students!

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Each pack includes 24 of your choice of 9 Polar® heart rate monitors, extensive curriculum and class materials, and Gopher’s exclusive premium lockable case. This case includes a custom-cut foam interior that not only projects your watches, it also allows you to easily see if all have been returned after each use.

Better Monitoring

By outfitting an entire class with these heart rate monitors for schools, it provides a detailed record of users’ activity levels, which can then be used for reports for administration, feedback for fellow teachers, and sharing with students’ parents about their progress. By monitoring students during physical activity, you can get a better measurement as to how hard students are actually working and better understand how to adjust their training. Packs are designed for entire classes, educating a large group about heart rate monitoring all at once.

Educational charts and books included in the pack provide more in-depth explanations as to why you want to monitor your heart rate, or what your target heart rate should be, as well as clear visual guides for heart rate training.

Quality Components

The heavy-duty plastic storage case is complete with laser-cut inserts and stores all materials. The transmitter, which is strapped around the chest, measures the electrocardiogram (ECG), the electric signal originating from the heart. It provides an accurate and reliable timing reference for the occurrence of heart beats. The transmitter then sends this signal to the wrist unit. The strap and monitor should be kept clean for accurate readings.

PowerPlus™ Heart Rate Monitor Pack Options

PowerPlus™ Heart Rate Monitor Packs are available in the following options in packs of 24, with your choice of heart rate monitors.

  • All PowerPlus™ packs include:
    • Heart Rate Monitors, 24 ea
    • Chest Straps, 24 ea (A300 and M400 models only)
    • Total Heart Rate Training Book, 1 ea
    • Heart Education Book, 1 ea
    • Laminated Heart Rate Chart, 1 ea
    • Premium lockable storage case with custom protective foam padding, 1 ea
    • Tripp Lite™ 10-Port USB 2.0 hubs, 2 ea
  • Strapped Heart Rate Monitors
    • Polar A300
    • Polar M400
  • Strapless Heart Rate Monitors
    • Polar M200
    • Polar A370
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