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Optic Plus Heart Rate Monitor
Contact Heart Rate Monitors

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Buy heart rate measurement packs from Gopher Sport to outfit an entire PE class!

Our convenient and all-encompassing packs let teachers efficiently organize and distribute heart rate monitors to every student in their classes! All packs include enough equipment for up to 24 students, giving teachers a one-stop heart rate monitoring solution.

All PowerPlus packs come with 24 monitors to outfit the entire class, along with chest straps if needed. These convenient packs also included training and reference materials, charging stations, and locking cases.

Our monitors come in a variety of easy-to-use designs.

  • Contact: Our most simple heart monitor is also the easiest to use by students of any age, and it doesn’t require a chest strap. Students simply place two fingers on the contact points to see their heart rate on the monitor in seconds. Teachers can immediately record the number, instead of waiting for it to sync with an app.
  • Optic: This monitor tracks heart rate directly on the wrist, without the need for a chest strap. All data transmits wirelessly from the monitor to the HUB, allowing teachers to instantly collect data and view it on an app. These monitors also work well during sports practice and give coaches the ability to track their players’ heart rates.
  • GoFit: Students simply wear a chest strap, and the data transmits wirelessly to an app. Teachers can monitor real-time information and provide students with instant feedback.

Purchase all-in-one heart rate systems from Gopher for your class or team!

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