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Optic Plus Heart Rate Monitor
Optic Strapless Heart Rate System
Contact Heart Rate Monitors
Heart Tech Plus Group Monitoring System
VivoSmart 3 Heart Rate Monitors
3Plus HR Heart Rate Monitor
iFit Axis HR Heart Rate Monitor
Mio Slice Heart Rate Monitor
Mio FUSE Heart Rate Monitor
Mio Alpha 2 Heart Rate Monitors

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Shop Gopher Sport’s selection of strapless heart rate monitors for use during PE class and sports!

Instantly gather data for students during PE, scrimmages, or sporting events with our strapless continuous heart rate monitors. Wrist-worn monitors are easy to use. Simply attach it to your wrist and you’re ready to go! Soft straps make them comfortable to wear throughout class or during games.

Advanced monitors use upgraded technology with an electro-optical cell and 2 LED lights to provide a continuous, real-time heart rate measurement during activities. Teachers and coaches can view more in-depth data via apps on a phone, tablet, or computer to analyze performance. On more basic models, students or players place two fingers on the metal sensor to get a reading.

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