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Omron® Body Fat Monitor
Health o meter® Floor Scale
Omron® 10 Series Blood Pressure Monitor
Health o meter® Remote Display Scale
Health o Meter® Physician Scale
Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper
InBody 270 Body Composition Analyzer
Health o Meter® Digital Scale
InBody 120 Body Composition Analyzer
Baseline® Skinfold Caliper
Omron® 3 Series Compact Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Tanita® TBF-400 NTEP Body Composition Analyzer/Scale
Tanita BF-350 Body Fat Monitor
Tanita® TBF-522-W Body Fat Monitor/Scale

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Purchase measurement equipment from Gopher Sport to track fitness progress in students and athletes!

From body composition monitors to scales, coaches and PE teachers need the right equipment to accurately track a student’s progress toward fitness goals. Our measurement gear calculates precise results for students of all ages to achieve those targets.

Teachers and coaches can use our assortment of body composition scales and analyzers to gain comprehensive data about students’ bodies. Some of this data includes body fat, weight, body mass index, skeletal muscle, and resting metabolism. If all you need to do is determine a student’s weight, we have several scale options available with precise measurements. We can also supply you with doctor- and pharmacist-recommended blood pressure monitors that provide on-the-go testing.

Buy measurement equipment from Gopher and keep an eye on student and athlete health with top accuracy.