InBody 120 Body Composition Analyzer

Convenient, portable system to get medical-grade, body composition analysis!


Using the same bioelectrical impedance analysis as larger analyzers, the InBody 120 compartmentalizes the body into 5 zones to measure fat and lean tissue. Handlebar LCD screen displays percent of muscle, percent of body fat, and BMI. Sync via Bluetooth® to provided software for in-depth analysis. AC power or 4 AA batteries (not included). 

Total Body Composition Analysis

Body weight is simply a measurement of mass and doesn’t tell you anything about the health of the individual. Fat and muscle are not alike, which makes it important to distinguish bodyweight percentages to get a true picture of health. This composition analyzer accomplishes this by segmenting the body into 5 zones, giving you an accurate reading of fat versus muscle tissue. It allows you to gauge an individual’s health and adjust their exercise or activity focuses accordingly.

Portable, Durable Design

A fraction of the size of larger full-body scanners, the InBody 120 Body Composition Analyzer is easily transferred from school to school, allowing students to be scanned before different activities such as competitions. It measures 17"L x 15-1/2"W and weighs just 10 lb, with a 330 lb weight capacity.

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