Omron® Body Fat Monitor

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Fast, accurate body fat measurements in just seconds.

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Measure body fat percentage through bioelectrical impedance analysis, as well as body mass index. The large digital panel displays both measurements. Clinically accurate measurements are available in 2 modes: Normal, for any adult or child over age 10 and at least 40” tall, and Athlete, for adults involved in intense aerobic exercise.


  • Easily track your body progress through measuring your fat loss and BMI. Losing weight isn’t necessarily an accurate indicator of your health—you need to be sure you’re dropping fat and retaining muscle.
  • Accurately measure body fat percentage and BMI through the proven method of bioelectrical impedance. This process sends a small electrical signal through the body from arm to foot to calculate total body water. This number is then used to estimate free body mass, and in turn, body fat.
  • Test results are available quickly, in about 7 seconds versus 15 to 20 on other types of devices.
  • Two modes are available: one designed for the general population, and one designed specifically for high-intensity athletes.
  • Startup is simple! Enter your height, weight, age and sex, then grip both handles and press start.
  • The smaller unit can be easily transported or passed from student to student.
  • A large LCD screen gives numbers in both US and metric measurements. Numbers are easy to read because of their size.
  • Each monitor includes an operation manual and 4 AAA batteries.