Tanita® TBF-300A Body Composition Analyzer/Scale with Printout

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Provides highly accurate measurements, making it a NTEP Class III certifiable scale.

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Get accurate body fat and weight readings using foot-to-foot bioelectrical impedance analysis for wrestling weigh-ins using this Tanita® body composition analyzer. The device prints out weights to 0.2 lb accuracy, body fat to 0.1 percent accuracy, fat and fat-free mass to 0.2 lb., and total body water to 0.2 lb, as well as basal metabolic rate. 


  • Easily track your progress in losing fat, not just weight loss! This device accurately measures body fat and body water using the bioelectrical impedance method, which shoots small electrical signals from arm to foot to calculate total body water, free body mass, and ultimately body weight.
  • When activated, “wrestler mode” calculates the minimum wrestling weight at a predetermined body fat percentage.
  • This is the only monitor to offer the Goal Setter Feature, which calculates the fat mass that should be lost or gained to achieve a pre-selected target body fat percentage.
  • Three modes are included: one for the general population, one for high-intensity athletes, and one specifically for wrestlers.
  • An optional storage case makes transporting the unit extremely easy.
  • An easy-to-read LCD screen displays body weight up to 440 pounds in seconds, in either US or metric.
  • The device comes with a manual, an AC adapter, 6 AA batteries, a paper roll, and a port for the computer.

Tanita® TBF-300A Body Composition Analyzer/Scale Options

Tanita® TBF-300A Body Composition Analyzer/Scale is available individually. Storage case and refill paper sold separately.

  • Portable Model (Certifiable)
  • Nylon Storage Case
  • Refill Paper