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FITstep™ Plus Pedometers

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Improved step-counting technology makes these the most accurate pedometers on the market!

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FITstep™ Plus counts steps at almost any angle, eliminating time spent with miscounting pedometers. While proper placement is always encouraged and necessary for others to count accurately, this pedometer provides a digitally precise count even when it’s not in the correct position. A delayed counting feature better measures true activity and prevents an inflated step total by counting only consecutive steps taken after activity begins and not single steps taken in preparation.

This device records more than just steps! While not as advanced as the Pro option (numbers still need to be recorded), it provides instant access to a lot of important fitness information.


  • Pedometers provide teachers and students with instant feedback about their physical activity level.
  • They can be used to measure steps, activity time, and MVPA, which refers to physical activity that elevates a person’s heart rate for a sustained period of time. Engaging students in MVPA helps them to lead more active lives.
  • Pedometers help ensure your gym class meets SHAPE American standards of having at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day.
  • A clear graph displays MVPA so students get instant feedback about their activity levels and data without having to guess.
  • A solid plastic case protects the device in case it’s dropped.
  • An alligator hip clip allows students to easily clip it to their pants or shorts.
  • A large LCD display can also be opened and read while being used.

Choose individual pedometer or 3 pack options with pedometers, security straps, and storage cases.

  • Pack of 15
  • Pack of 30
  • Pack of 100
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