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FITstep™ Pro Uploadable Pedometers

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Our best pedometer for activity tracking now features an uploadable data function for easy data transfer!

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Pedometers provide teachers and students with immediate, concrete feedback about their physical activity level, and our first uploadable pedometer has paved the way for quick and easy tracking by eliminating the need to manually track data! FITstep™ stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time—all important factors in measuring a student’s activity levels – and our FITstep pedometers accurately tracks the three most important activity measurements – steps, activity time and MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity). Simply wear the pedometer while being active, then set the pedometer it into the data reader’s dock, press down, and in less than 2 seconds all activity data is uploaded to custom software! No more clipboards and pencils, forgotten data, or wasted time manually transferring collected data!

About the functionality of the pedometer:
  • FITstep™ Pro features:
    • Steps
      • Measures total steps taken.
    • Activity Time
      • Measures total time the user is in motion. This measurement does not take into account the intensity of the activity. For example, a slow walk would be measured the same as a fast run.
    • MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity).
      • MVPA is activity that is at a higher intensity than regular movement/activity. While there are many examples, if we use our example from above, a slow walk would be activity, a brisk walk would be moderate activity, and running would be vigorous activity.
      • FITstep Pro pedometers measure MVPA by allowing you to calibrate steps per minute (SPM) by individual user. SPM ranges from 80 to 160 and once a user reaches a SPM above their established threshold, they begin to accumulate MVPA time. See our video series on the FITstep Pro for further details (link below).
      • Engaging students with MVPA enhances their awareness of the intensity of their movement, helping to ensure they are achieving recommended levels of moderate to vigorous activity. This awareness helps them to lead physically-active lives and improves overall health and has been shown to help boost academic performance.
  • Uploadable functionality eliminates manual data collection and organization, saving time and stress.
  • Specifically designed for PE, our FITstep™ software organizes data into printable reports. Recent updates include efficient sorting and filtering functions, additional data analysis and report features, personalized student reports, and a new Quick Summary report for a concise snapshot review of student performance.
  • A large LCD display can be opened and read while being used. There’s no need to remove the pedometer to check your activity levels.
  • An easy-to-read MVPA graph gives students instant feedback on the amount of MVPA time, making it easy for them to know where they stand against their goals.
  • FITstep Pro records data while being worn at almost any angle versus others that need to stay in a precise spot to record steps accurately. The superior tracking capabilities provides more complete and accurate data, even when a student’s pedometer isn’t aligned perfectly.
  • A solid plastic casing protects the screen and parts if and when it’s dropped during use or transport.
  • An alligator hip clip easily clips on to the user’s shorts or pants at the waist.
  • A storage case and pack allows you to easily pack up after class and store them away.
  • A longer battery life eliminates the hassle of routine replacement, and the indicator light informs users when the battery is low.
  • Learn even more by viewing our training video and software manual below!

FITstep™ Pro can be purchased individually or in convenient packs for classes or groups of all sizes. The 15-pack is great for smaller groups, the 30-pack is ideal for a single class, and the 100-pack is ideal for schools, districts, or businesses looking to encourage healthy habits. Pedometer Packs include pedometers, data reader with software, and storage boxes. Software is free to download HERE and compatible with either Mac or PC. Data reader also sold separately.

Available FITstep Pro Products: Individual Pedometer, 15-pack, 30-pack, 100-pack, Data Reader with Software, Replacement Batteries

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