InBody BAND Activity Monitor

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The first and only activity monitor that also calculates body composition!

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Combine the functionality of an activity tracker with bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) with the help of this wrist-worn monitor! Place 2 fingers on monitor receptors to analyze body composition, including body mass index and percentage of body fat. The InBody wearable smart wrist band tracks steps, distance, duration, and calories burned throughout your workout or daily routine. This is the world’s first fitness tracker to help you meet your goals by analyzing your body composition.

Excellent Insight

This monitor provides far better insight into fitness progress. It will help you determine if you’re losing the right kind of weight on your fitness journey, including body fat and muscle maintenance stats that you can’t get from a scale.

Each watch features bioelectrical impedance analysis, which actually determines the opposition to the flow of an electric current through body tissues. This then provides information about estimates of total body water, which is used for estimating fat-free body mass and body fat. As a result, body composition is easier to test than ever before.

Easy to Use

An LCD screen makes viewing readings easy. Finger electrodes help you to measure body composition and heart rate testing, and a single side button scrolls through all modes.

An adjustable band helps to accommodate users of all sizes. Bluetooth connectedly makes it easy to sync with iOS 7.0 and higher. A micro USB charger allows a single charge to last 7 to 10 days on just an hour of charging time.

InBody BAND Activity Monitor Options

InBody BAND Activity Monitors are available in packs or individually.

  • InBody BAND Packs. Include monitors and a lockable case with laser-cut foam.
    • 12-Pack
    • 24-Pack
  • Individual InBody BAND Activity Monitor
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