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An Overview of the Four-Part Lesson

This podcast provides a brief overview of the four-part lesson structure on dynamicpeasap.com. 00:01: The DynamicPEasap.com website offers free lesson plans for teachers to make into their own. Each lesson plan offers a very unique structure called a four-part lesson. I'll explain how that works. 00:36: Having sold over a million copies and being used by teachers for over 50...

5 Rock, Paper, Scissor PE Games for the WIN! [Video]

Did you know that all of our lives’ problems can solved with a good ol’ Rock, Paper, Scissors? Have you seen the video that went viral about the two people fighting over a parking spot? You know the one that got 1.99M views and over 1,500 retweets! The video made me smile when it came across my feed. However, if that were me in the video, we’d have a whole other argument...

SEL in PE: Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness

In this episode of the PE Express podcast, 2018 TAHPERD teacher of the year, Chris Nichols, shares how he teaches yoga and mindfulness in PE. He also shares his experience with the newest service learning program from SHAPE America, health. moves. minds. Welcome to the PE express podcast. Today I want to share some information on yoga and incorporating social emotional learning in...

Why It’s Important to Build Relationships with Students in PE

00:00: On today's podcast, I want to talk to you about the importance of building relationships with your students. Get Intentional!  00:22: When was the last time that you can recall that you were intentional about it, about getting to know one of your students? Now I'm not talking about playing some icebreaker games at the beginning...

My Kindergarten’s Favorite Cartoon and PE Game!

Parrot Analytics shows SpongeBob SquarePants as the most in demand 2019 kids’ cartoon. My Kindergarten students’ favorite game is based on the silly cartoon featuring a sponge and the SHAPE America kindergarten grade level outcome “Shares equipment and space with others. (S4.E4.K)” What you will need: 3-4 sponges for taggers. I use a regular sponge and draw a face on them.Scooters for every student.Green paper...
Spikeball Instructional Chart

Serve, Set, and Smash with Spikeball!

Taking the newest and hippest recreational sport into Physical Education class with learning targets, assessment, and FUN! If volleyball and foursquare had a baby -...

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