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Our Top 5 Favorite Holiday Activities | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #75

Episode Transcript: Today on the PE Express podcast. Let's get jolly and talk about where to find the best holiday games this season. It's almost that time of year. You know what I'm talking about. Festive music themed activities and lots of holiday cheer. Time for me to dust off my old hip hop reindeer CD. Don't...

Unified PE: A Choice Not a Mandate

As educators, it is our moral obligation for all students to feel included. There shouldn’t be one group that is considered more special than the rest; they all deserve the same opportunities and experiences in their in PE class. Rather than a how-to approach, this blog will be an opportunity to share with you my experience with unified PE (aka adaptive, aka inclusion, aka modified) and how it has impacted myself and my students; all of my students....

4 Ways to Incorporate Visuals in PE | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #74

Episode Transcript: On today's podcast, I want to share some great ways to incorporate visuals in your program, which will help guide students in a variety of learning tasks. Research tells us that approximately 65% of the population are visual learners and armed with that information, we need to have a plan in place to reach those students...

Motivating Students with Choice | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #73

Episode Transcript: Giving students choice sounds scary to some teachers, but I have some ideas I think that'll help you motivate your students by giving them choice. Welcome to the PE Express podcast. Today's host is Dr. Aaron Beighle. He is a co-author of Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children and a contributor to DynamicPEASAP.com. He also...

Bike Rack Assessments: An Underused Assessment Strategy

Wouldn’t it be great if your assessments were efficient, informative, and meshed well with your lessons? While many assessment strategies can be just that, Bike Racks are a unique assessment strategy for any lesson. Bike Racks are not new, I just think they are underutilized and have great potential in Physical Education. Many adult education workshops or trainings use a “Parking Lot”. This is a space (usually a large sticky note on...
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Old School Laps to Modern Apps: Part 2

Part One of Old School Laps to Modern Apps assists physical education teachers in learning what to consider when choosing a specific App for...

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