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Inspiring Students and Families to Stay Active Over Summer Break

The whirlwind that was the 2019-2020 school year is coming to an end, and while it didn’t end how any of us wanted, summer is now upon us. Like the past few months, summer 2020 is likely to look different as well. Typical summer institutions, such as day and sleep away camps, might not be an option for families this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With these opportunities that have traditionally...

Create a Talking Bitmoji for Home Learning

In this episode of the PE Express podcast, Shannon Jarvis (pictured above) shares how to create an animated Bitmoji using the free app called iFunFace. On today's PE Express podcast, I'm going to share with you a free app that you can use to get your bitmoji to talk. So the latest craze in at home learning and distance education has been Bitmoji's. So...

Physical Activity is Different Than Physical Education

The 2019 SHAPE America National Elementary TOY and Gopher Advisory Board member discusses his reflection after 9 weeks of distance learning, and includes the trending topic of physical activity versus physical education. Today I'd like to talk a little bit about what I'm hearing online with physical activity versus physical education. Hi, everyone, my name is Dawn Tobin, I'm from New York State. and...

The PE Huddle – Episode 9 | Don Hicks and Craig Gianinno

https://fast.wistia.com/embed/medias/giduhuy61o.jsonphttps://fast.wistia.com/assets/external/E-v1.js Download a certificate of participation here. Join us as the panel discusses what physical education will look like at the start of the 2020-2021 school year. Don Hicks, School Administrator at St. Francis School in Houston, TX, and Craig Gianinno, Administrator and Teacher for Rhythms and Moves in San Francisco, CA, join Dr. Pangrazi, Maria Corte, and Aaron Beighle...

6 Helpful Tips to Boost Your Productivity During School Closures

Educators are currently experiencing a time of uncertainty. Many schools are closed, and at-home learning is the new focus for much of the Physical Education community. This teaching adjustment has possibly been the biggest obstacle PE teachers have had to experience. Schools are officially closed for the year in Washington State. Over the last couple months, I’ve developed a “learning as I go” mentality....
Maria Corte providing physical education teaching tipsvideo

Physical Education Teaching Tips from Maria Corte [Video]

Maria Corte is an innovative teacher who has a passion for fitness in Phys Ed! She has developed activities and programs that have engaged...

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