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Encouraging Movement in PE Through Parkour

My students like to have options, and they enjoy exploring new movement areas. So, this year when I began an educational gymnastics unit with my fifth grade students, I gave them the option of creating an Educational Gymnastics routine or creating a Parkour routine. Connecting Parkour to Our Standards Colorado has outstanding standards and benchmarks for each grade in physical education and health. Under Standard One, Movement Competence and Understanding, our 5th...

5 Favorite PE Fitness Station Activities

The new DynamicPEASAP.com curriculum is a great resource for teachers. This month, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite PE Fitness station activities. It is important to note, that by no means do I think lessons should be just about activities. With all these activities, there are countless learning outcomes (targets or objectives) that could be met using the activities, which Dynamic PE includes at the top of each lesson card. I...

Put a Little FIT in your Step with the FITStep Stream Pedometers

Thermometer, speedometer - no, it’s called a pedometer!  Teaching elementary physical education is an adventure every day!  Elementary children are honest and impressionable.  For the last 25 years, I have had the greatest job in the world - teaching elementary physical education and making a healthy difference in the lives of my students.  I have used pedometers my entire teaching career and have used different vendors but after I was introduced to Gopher’s FitStep Pro downloadable pedometers, I knew I...

3 Parachute Games Your Students Will Love!

As Physical Education teachers we have the best job! Our students come in excited to see what equipment is out and quickly start guessing what we are doing that day. Nothing gets my students more pumped up than seeing a parachute on the ground as they walk in, and they love parachute games. A classic and iconic piece of equipment that has been around the gym for generations. Parachute games are always...

Camouflaging Academics in PE: 3 Activities to Move Bodies and Grow Brains!

Here are a few cross-curricular activities that I have created to engage students and support academics. These activities are designed to incorporate movement, physical skill development, and academic content into your Physical Education classroom.
Books - Reading in PE

Encourage Activity with Reading in PE!

As highlighted in an earlier post, all school staff members have opportunities to foster a love of learning through literacy or reading.  Physical education...

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