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Explore 100 Free PE Assessments with DynamicPEASAP.com!

DynamicPEASAP.com is designed as a time-saving, adaptable way for teachers to create their own lesson plans. No lesson plan is complete without an efficient, useful standards-based, grade level outcome driven assessment. This video will provide an overview of the assessments provided in the curriculum.

4 Simple and Easy Team Building Activities for PE

My favorite team building activities to use are simple and easy to organize. The Counting Game I tell the class the total number of students and that they must count from one to the last number. So, if there are 26 students, they must count from 1 to 26. Without talking to each other, a student must say number one out loud. Only one student can...

3 Objective PE Assessment Methods

Every year, I look at my phys ed assessment methods and wonder how I can make students’ grades as objective as possible. Gone are the days where assigning a subjective grade based on whether a student is athletic or non-athletic. My students know my goal is to be as fair as possible to everyone and that everyone is graded on what they do in class, not someone else. My first day introduction to...

16 STEM in the Gym Activities with Makey Makey

What is Makey Makey and why do I use it? Makey Makey, an invention kit everyone can use, is an electronic invention tool and toy that allows students to connect everyday objects to computer programs. Makey Makey is a printed circuit board that has a microcontroller running Arduino, which allows it to interface between your computer (via USB) and physical objects (via alligator...

Using Google Forms for Physical Education Skill Assessment

As a teacher, you are constantly observing your class and seeing a variety of skill levels displayed by your students.  Why not record those observations and use that data to help drive your instruction? Using a simple Google form can help keep all your formative or summative skill observation Physical Education assessments organized.  This free tool takes the guesswork out of grading and gives you objective data you can use to give...
SMART goals

Teaching S.M.A.R.T. Goals in P.E.

How about a SMART start for your students? We all know and understand the basic concept behind a New Year’s Resolution…come up with something that...

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