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Dice Bonk: The Target Game with Endless Variations

Overhand throwing is a skill that is used in many games and sports such as baseball, softball, football, water polo, team handball, cricket, and the javelin throw in track and field. Some games and sports require you to throw for distance; some require you to throw for accuracy. Some games require you to throw to people and other games require you to throw at throwing goals or targets. Dice Bonk is an...

4 Essential Concepts to Ensure an Amazing Classroom Learning Environment

There are lots of times throughout my career that I have thought, “If I only knew then what I know now.” Those thoughts are most prevalent when I think back to the learning classroom environment I created. In a nutshell, I was pretty clueless. I was very focused, and the learning climate was something I rarely considered. Much of what I’ve learned is that effective classroom management...

5 Resources to Take Net Games to the Next Level

Net games are a wonderful lifetime activity and an important part of physical education programs. The skills learned in net games such as volleyball, pickleball, badminton, and tennis transfer to other physical activities and provide students the opportunity to interact with others for a positive social experience. Five resources to take your net games to a new level: Explore NEW PE Net Games With These Game Cards:

3 Lead-Up PE Activities for a Successful PACER Test

Fitness testing is a part of many physical education programs across the United States. I teach in Illinois; and in my state, we are mandated to begin this testing in the third grade. For many youngsters, the PACER test is the most difficult. Regardless of your personal stance on fitness testing, I want to share three lead up activities that I use to make the experience of administering the PACER test more enjoyable for the students. Each activity...

3 Convincing Reasons to Introduce Tchoukball to Your Students

Tchoukball. Yes, that spelling is correct. Pronounced chewk-ball, this fast-paced and team-oriented sport guarantees to fill your student’s highlight reel with high-flying acrobatics, diving catches, and ridiculous, Top 10 nominee shots on offense. First, let me introduce you to Tchoukball. Then, I’ll convince you to adopt this sport into your PE program (if you haven’t already).Here. We. Go! Developed in the 1970s, Tchoukball was a sport created to reduce injuries...
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No Phys. Ed Space? No Problem!

Throughout my career, I have encountered various issues that required adaptation.  A 1954 gym with no air conditioning, lack of storage space, and even...

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