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Yoga in PE: Teaching Tips to Get Started

Having no previous experience or major exposure to yoga in PE was a barrier when I first started teaching. Thankfully, a district curriculum adoption and realignment process helped me reflect upon the purpose of my program and better align to SHAPE America’s national physical education standards. This helped me realize the need for incorporating yoga and flexibility training into my teaching to better meet student needs and...

STEM in the Gym: Tips and Activity Ideas for Physical Education

In many schools around the country, administrators are encouraging teachers to evaluate their methods of teaching. Are we as effective as we could be at preparing our students? Administrators are encouraging teachers to find a better way to engage the students. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) has been one of many tools that has helped our teachers better prepare our students for their future. Our school believes that the jobs we...

The Perfect PE Activity for Family Night

Our goal as PE teachers is to encourage and develop young students to become lifelong lovers of fitness and well-being. At the elementary level, and even the middle and high school levels, if students are not enjoying the fitness activities you are doing in your classes, they are not likely to have a connection with lifelong fitness. And if you really want to get students hooked on exercise I suggest hooking their...

Why Heart Rate Monitors are Essential for Your PE Class

Heart rate monitors are a necessity for all Physical Education programs. Several years ago, I may have been the very last person in our Physical Education community to make that statement. Early in my teaching career, I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to use heart rate monitors (HRM) as they were first being introduced to the PE world. I knew little about these devices, but I was...

Top 3 PE Fitness Activities To Get EVERY Student Moving!

PE fitness activities are a staple of physical education programs everywhere.  The best activities get students moving in meaningful ways and I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you. 
Triangle tag fun PE games

Exercise in Disguise: Fun PE Games and Activities

“5 laps around the gym – Go!” Is this a familiar command you recall when you entered the gymnasium for your Physical Education class in...

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