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5 Strategies to Increase MVPA Outside of PE Class

As physical educators, we know today’s youth need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) daily. However, students may receive physical education only once or twice a week. When coupled with a short daily recess, this means many students fall short of the recommended MVPA time they need to receive the benefits associated with living healthy lifestyles. Here are 5 strategies I use to add MVPA time to my students’ day:

End of School Year Tips from Dr. Beighle | Ep. #16

As we approached the end of the school year, I have some ideas to make this fun and at times stressful time, productive. As you are well aware, you have blinked and the end of the school year is on us and it's full of anticipation and excitement for the summer, but we aren't there yet and here are some ideas to help navigate these last few weeks and...

Physical Education Advice and Contest Winner Announcement | Ep. #15

This is a special episode of the PE Express podcast. We feature a compilation of advice shared from Physical Education teachers around the country.  We also reveal the Teacher Appreciation Week contest winner. Listen to today's podcast to get inspired and to see if you won a $500 Gopher gift card! If you enjoyed the podcast, please connect with Gopher on Twitter...

What Makes a Great Teacher?

As I sit here toward the end of the week, I am reflecting on all the planning, lessons, teaching, and grading that took place within one week. I find myself reflecting at this point of the week, every week. I am tired, overwhelmed and feeling defeated. I should have done this…I could have done this with that lesson…I wish I had thought of that…If I had only tried this…I forgot to answer Johnny’s question about that… All these...

Field Day: Tips for a Successful Day | Ep. #14

Tips for a Successful PE Field Day I'm going to share field day tips and tricks that will help minimize stress and maximize the fun during your end of the year celebration. I'll share ways you can get started planning your event, preparation strategies, and a few modified versions of what is widely considered the most popular field day activity, tug of war. If...

Maintaining an Outdoor Classroom

Check out this video blog for ways to organize your Outdoor Classroom! Suzanne uses the Mangus™ Recess Rack available Only From Gopher for her outdoor classroom!

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