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SHAPE American National Physical Education Standards Book

Align Lessons with National Physical Education Standards

By Mike Graham
Jan. 16, 2018

There’s a trend in recent years within the physical education community that flips traditional P.E. teaching on its head…it’s called “Standards Based Instruction.”  You may also hear it referred to as “Standards Based Learning” or “Standards Based Instructional Design.”  Whether you’re familiar with this teaching approach or not, it is my hope that this blog […]

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4-S Approach to Planning Team-Based Activities or Sport

Backwards Design with the Standards in Mind: 4-S Approach to Planning Sport and Team-Based Activities

By Jessica Shawley
Jan. 09, 2018

Curriculum mapping. Standards-based grading. Mastery-based education. Competencies. Proficiency scales. Rubrics. Assessments. Am I hitting many of the terms you are hearing emphasized in today’s education circles? Well, good. These are important terms worth recognizing, reflecting upon, and refining teaching practices for. It’s been a whirlwind couple of years for me professional-development-wise as my K-12 physical […]

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Maria Corte providing physical education teaching tips

Physical Education Teaching Tips from Maria Corte [Video]

By Maria Corte
Jan. 09, 2018

Maria Corte is an innovative teacher who has a passion for fitness in Phys Ed! She has developed activities and programs that have engaged her students in physical activity and inspire them to be more active. After 25 years of teaching, the 2005 Secondary Physical Education Teacher of the Year for Arizona sat down with […]

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Skill-Related Fitness Circuit

Teaching Skill-Related Fitness Concepts in All Spaces

By Jessica Shawley
Jan. 04, 2018

There are two areas of fitness that must co-exists within physical education—health-related and skill-related. My students enjoy activities that challenge any of the six skill-related fitness components: Balance, Agility, Speed, Power, Coordination, and Reaction Time. During an extended period of construction in our district, I taught without a gym or cafeteria and provided physical education […]

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Students playing Quidditch territorial game

Transform Territorial Games with Backward Design and Quidditch

By Carolyn Temertzoglou
Jan. 02, 2018

Reflecting back on years of Health and Physical Education programs, we often see traditional North American sports such as soccer, basketball and floor hockey as typical “go to” territorial games in elementary to high school PE programs. HPE teachers are venturing from the typical sports to include less main stream territorial games in their programs […]

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