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Bringing Core Subjects to PE and PE to the Classroom

Mar. 13, 2018

With the current trend being standardized testing for students as young as 3rd grade, all teachers, including physical education teachers, are being asked to do their part in helping students improve academically. This blog will provide ideas on how to bring cross-curricular activities to PE, and also how physical activity can be brought into classrooms, […]

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STEAM in high school PE

Embracing the STEAM Approach in Physical Education

Mar. 06, 2018

The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) movement is quickly gaining momentum. From specific courses to programs, academies, and entire schools, this approach is taking root in schools all over the world. As this wave swells, it is essential that physical education embrace the STEAM approach. As I said in a previous blog, this […]

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Full STEAM Ahead in P.E.

Mar. 01, 2018

Physical education forms part of a multidisciplinary curriculum, but integration doesn’t compromise teaching the concepts important to developing a physically educated individual. (3.7.1 SHAPE America Appropriate Practices.) As physical educators, how do we integrate cross curricular components without compromising the importance of our own standards?  As well, how do we educate classroom teachers on the significance […]

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Maximizing Space for Maximum Participation

Feb. 22, 2018

As class sizes increase and facility space stays constant or is reduced, how can you utilize every space available?  This is a question a lot of PE teachers are facing at every level from elementary to high school.  The other kicker to this conundrum is the unfortunate reduction in PE teachers to manage the spaces […]

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Managing PE Space: General vs. Personal Space

Feb. 22, 2018

Effectively managing PE space is an extremely important factor in a successful program. General space is the space within our boundaries. It can be indoors on a basketball court, or outside on a field defined by lines or cones. It’s the space we all share.  Personal space is your immediate space you take up within […]

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