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4 Ways to Use Grit to Teach Skills in PE

In this episode of the PE Express Podcast, Dr. Robert Pangrazi shares how to teach students how to be persistent while learning skills. Listen to the episode below and follow along by reading the article. I've observed teachers for many years and I've kind of randomly put them into two groups. Those teachers that think they...

Using a Bracket Builder to Run Gameplay In PE

In this episode of the PE Express Podcast, Jessica Shawley shares how she uses a bracket builder to create a student-driven environment in PE. Listen to the episode below and follow along by reading the article. As a secondary Physical Education teacher, I spend a lot of time rotating students in different gameplay scenarios. Today I'm...

Learning Moves & Patterns for Fitness Drumming in PE

Fitness drumming is undoubtably one of the latest fitness trends that has quickly become a classic activity I will use for years to come. It is a great bridge to other dance and rhythm activities, is inclusive, and everyone can feel success no matter their skill level. My students get in a great workout following different patterns and routines to upbeat fitness music while also performing squats, lunges, side lunges, jumping jacks, and...

SPARK Class Management Strategies | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #84

Episode Transcript: Class management is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching physical education. Next, learn some strategies to reduce inappropriate behavior and increase positive student engagement in your classes. When talking about class management in physical education, it really starts with routines and expectations. Start with an Instant...

Happy New Year! | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #83

Episode Transcript: Happy new year to everybody and here's to a healthy and happy 2020! As I hear me say 2020 it makes me not only reflect on 2019 but to look ahead as what's to come in 2020 and when I hear myself say 2020, I can't help thinking about like 2020 vision. I want...

3 Classroom Management Strategies: Teaching P.E. with Commands, Echoes, and Sound...

It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching a math class of 22 or a gym full of 88 students, if the teacher lacks management skills then learning may not take place or perhaps not be at the desired level of learning compared with a teacher who is very skilled in managing.

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