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5 Rock, Paper, Scissor PE Games for the WIN! [Video]

Did you know that all of our lives’ problems can solved with a good ol’ Rock, Paper, Scissors? Have you seen the video that went viral about the two people fighting over a parking spot? You know the one that got 1.99M views and over 1,500 retweets! The video made me smile when it came across my feed. However, if that were me in the video, we’d have a whole other argument...

My Kindergarten’s Favorite Cartoon and PE Game!

Parrot Analytics shows SpongeBob SquarePants as the most in demand 2019 kids’ cartoon. My Kindergarten students’ favorite game is based on the silly cartoon featuring a sponge and the SHAPE America kindergarten grade level outcome “Shares equipment and space with others. (S4.E4.K)” What you will need: 3-4 sponges for taggers. I use a regular sponge and draw a face on them.Scooters for every student.Green paper...

Shaping Responsible Student Behavior in PE

I want to just talk a bit about how you interact with your students and how that can shape responsible behavior. Show How Much You Care You've heard the saying students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. It's very important that they learn that you will always treat them with...

How Fear Impacts Skill Learning in Physical Education

You want to know what keeps kids from learning? Fear. Fear of getting hurt and fear of getting embarrassed. Let me tell you a little more. When you're teaching skills to kids, you want to make sure they avoid failure in front of you and in front of their peers. That fear of failure keeps them from learning and...

Team Building Builds Trust and Strengthens Social Emotional Learning

Teamwork is a key factor in the overall success of any team or organization. In comparing the philosophies of the winningest coaches and the most successful leaders in the business world, team chemistry is often at the top of the list when it comes to achieving success. Team chemistry doesn’t just happen, however. Trust among team members doesn’t magically appear once individuals are placed on a team. For teams to achieve optimal...
Mom and Child with Basketball - Parent involvement

3 Tips for Involving Parents in Physical Education

A common obstacle teachers face when starting a new school year is parent involvement in Physical Education. Check out a few of Aaron Beighle's ideas...

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