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Whether you’re searching for creative PE activities to put a new spin on games, new ideas to become more efficient during assessments, or learn how to add technology to lessons, you have come to the right place! PE professionals share their knowledge to help teachers evolve their activities for students into high-energy and organized curriculum.

My Favorite Long Jump Rope Activity | PE Express Blogcast Ep. #59

https://youtu.be/ryw1DyTM_qM I'm going to share with you one of my students all time favorite jump rope activities. The...

Spikeball™ for the Win! | PE Express Blogcast Ep. #58

https://youtu.be/Lihw6aZWKbw Episode Transcript: Today on the PE Express podcast, I'm going to share what activity motivated my middle...

Unique Ways to Use Parachutes in PE

Ask adults to relive the highlights of their Physical Education class and I’m sure using a parachute will be mentioned. There’s something about bringing out a giant, colorful parachute...

Social Emotional Learning Ideas in Phys Ed | PE Express Blogcast #57

https://youtu.be/oLTMD8ibTt0 Episode Transcript: Social emotional learning is gaining quite a bit of traction in many schools. The beauty...

“This Website Helped Me Become a Great PE Teacher!” | PE Express BlogCast Ep....

https://youtu.be/_7D7NNOmdv4 Episode Transcript: PE Universe, to me, I'm so passionate about this website. This website has helped...

Create Positive Feelings Toward Fitness With These Tips | PE Express Blogcast Ep. #54

https://youtu.be/5yZ68vh0gdw Episode Transcript: People love doing things they can do successfully and physical fitness activities are certainly no...

SPARKing a Connection with Parents through Physical Education

Are you interested in connecting your Physical Education classes with your community? SPARK it up by inviting family members to their child’s class and have them witness firsthand what it is all about inside your gym. Physical Education looks a lot different than it did when the parents of our students went to school, and it is time for them to PARTICIPATE in the difference!

3 Tips for Leaving Substitute Plans in PE!

Sick days, sometimes we don’t want to use them because it is just easier to go to school sick and do our job than it is to leave...

Cooperative Activities to Start the Year | PE Express Blogcast Ep. #50

https://youtu.be/AJxyZkdteIk Episode Transcript Hello everyone. I am your host Derek Severson and today on the PE Express podcast...

Hosting a Family Fitness Night in Physical Education

We see library nights, movie nights and various other events to promote family engagement at our schools. We understand the importance of physical education when it comes to the development of the...

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