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Whether you’re searching for creative PE activities to put a new spin on games, new ideas to become more efficient during assessments, or learn how to add technology to lessons, you have come to the right place! PE professionals share their knowledge to help teachers evolve their activities for students into high-energy and organized curriculum.

Our Top 5 Favorite Holiday Activities | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #75

Episode Transcript: Today on the PE Express podcast. Let's get jolly and talk about where to find the...

Bike Rack Assessments: An Underused Assessment Strategy

Wouldn’t it be great if your assessments were efficient, informative, and meshed well with your lessons? While many assessment strategies can be just that, Bike Racks are a unique assessment strategy for...

Measuring Activity Levels with Pedometers | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #67

https://youtu.be/7ph-lNj7-8o Episode Transcript: On today's podcast, I want to talk to you about one of my favorite...

CROSSNET: The Game Your PE Class Needs

If you haven’t seen the viral four-way volleyball game on your social media yet, stop what you’re doing and go check out the video below.

Teaching Cooperative Learning and Problem Solving in PE

This year, I changed up how I teach cooperative learning. I started by looking at the main skills I wanted my students to gain. Listening to others’ ideasCollaboratively solving problemsValuing...

3 Creative Ways to Assess Students in PE

When was the last time you felt motivated while assessing students? Better question, when was the last time your students felt engaged when being assessed? Assessing students is a common practice...

Finding the “SPARK” in Active Transportation!

If you know me, you know I am in LOVE with bicycles and kids—actually, any wheeled vehicle that kids can spin around on and be mobile. Bicycles, scooters, unicycles all have wheels. And when you learn to ride, all have fun, freedom, and serve as a functional way for students and families to move aerobically, outside of the school day. The benefits are never ending, giving our students and families the confidence and competence to be life-long movers of physical literacy. Before I share some of my experiences, let’s get to the nuts and bolts.

My Favorite Long Jump Rope Activity | PE Express Blogcast Ep. #59

https://youtu.be/ryw1DyTM_qM I'm going to share with you one of my students all time favorite jump rope activities. The...

Spikeball™ for the Win! | PE Express Blogcast Ep. #58

https://youtu.be/Lihw6aZWKbw Episode Transcript: Today on the PE Express podcast, I'm going to share what activity motivated my middle...

Unique Ways to Use Parachutes in PE

Ask adults to relive the highlights of their Physical Education class and I’m sure using a parachute will be mentioned. There’s something about bringing out a giant, colorful parachute...

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