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Whether you’re searching for creative PE activities to put a new spin on games, new ideas to become more efficient during assessments, or learn how to add technology to lessons, you have come to the right place! PE professionals share their knowledge to help teachers evolve their activities for students into high-energy and organized curriculum.

How to Create a Yearly PE Plan | PE Express BlogCast Ep. #41

https://youtu.be/B4VlOHqjw_M In today's podcast, I want to talk to you about creating a yearly plan and share a quick overview...

My Foolproof PE Lesson Plan to Start the Year

When I think back to my first day of the school year as a student, I was super excited to get back to school, see my friends,...

SPARK’s 30 Year Anniversary Series, Part 2

In the words of that famous physical educator from the great state of Massachusetts, “Ask not, what SPARK can do for you. Ask what you can do for SPARK.” When Julie approached me about writing an article in celebration of SPARK’s 30th birthday, a lot of different thoughts and approaches to the task entered my mind.

A Fun and Active Game to Teach Health-Related Fitness Concepts

Teaching health-related fitness concepts can seem overwhelming, especially given that many of us only see our students once or twice a week. My time with my students is so valuable I try...

A Pacer Test Secret | PE Express Podcast Ep. #36

https://youtu.be/QGI0wsTZfv8 The Pacer Test Struggle is REAL! The Pacer Test. The struggle is real, y'all. Okay about y'all?...

Three Types of PE Curriculum Activities | PE Express Ep. #35

https://youtu.be/1hDQFynFiLc What is a Curriculum? Your curriculum is a roadmap to success. There are some factors that make...

Five Benefits to Starting the School Year with Dynamic PE ASAP

The beginning of the school year is full of anticipation, excitement, and the reminder of, “I have so much to do.” Inevitably, one task that is on the plate of teachers is...

Designing an Effective Instant Activity | PE Express Podcast Ep. #31

https://youtu.be/SHVspMTjek4 I'm going to share with you the process I went through that completely transformed the first five minutes of...

Yoga in PE: Tips for Activity Progressions & Lesson Planning

Incorporating yoga in my physical education curriculum has enhanced my ability to teach students about flexibility, stress management, and mindfulness. It is an excellent addition to any program, and students...
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Wellness Wednesday: Bringing the Field Trip to You

Two years ago, a task-force for our school decided to implement half day Wednesdays. Yay! It is a win-win. Students go home at 12:15 to work on their demanding IB curriculum, while teachers remain on...

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