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Spice up your PE classes with innovative activity ideas from teachers working in the field! Learn how to create engaging activities for students that will get everyone involved. Discover new ways to use your existing equipment, how to set up games, and how a little change in routine can create a big impact on students during PE classes.

Yoga in PE: Teaching Tips to Get Started

Having no previous experience or major exposure to yoga in PE was a barrier when I first started teaching. Thankfully, a district curriculum adoption and realignment process...

STEM in the Gym: Tips and Activity Ideas for Physical Education

In many schools around the country, administrators are encouraging teachers to evaluate their methods of teaching. Are we as effective as we could be at preparing our students? Administrators are encouraging teachers...

The Perfect PE Activity for Family Night

Our goal as PE teachers is to encourage and develop young students to become lifelong lovers of fitness and well-being. At the elementary level, and even the middle and high school levels,...

Top 3 PE Fitness Activities To Get EVERY Student Moving!

PE fitness activities are a staple of physical education programs everywhere.  The best activities get students moving in meaningful ways and I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you. 

Flag Games and Activities for Physical Education

Do you have a bunch of flag football belts in your PE closet that you’d like to use more often? I’ve got just the solution! I’ll share two engaging flag games that students enjoy...
SHAPE America Convention mini session

2018 #SHAPENashville PE Expert Presentations [Video]

Physical Education Experts, Dr. Robert Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle, Jessica Shawley, and Chris Nichols shared their teaching tips, game and activity ideas, and more at this year's SHAPE America National Convention & Expo in Nashville,...

Elementary Cross-Curricular Activities – Learning by Doing

What is the best way to support student learning taking place in the regular classroom? Add some cross-curricular activities to your PE lessons, of course! By reinforcing math concepts, spelling, vocabulary, geography, science and...
Students sitting on active seats

Bringing Core Subjects to PE and PE to the Classroom

With the current trend being standardized testing for students as young as 3rd grade, all teachers, including physical education teachers, are being asked to do their part in helping students improve academically. This blog...

Full STEAM Ahead in P.E.

Physical education forms part of a multidisciplinary curriculum, but integration doesn’t compromise teaching the concepts important to developing a physically educated individual. (3.7.1 SHAPE America Appropriate Practices.) As physical educators, how do we integrate cross...

Managing PE Space: General vs. Personal Space

Effectively managing PE space is an extremely important factor in a successful program. General space is the space within our boundaries. It can be indoors on a basketball court, or outside on a field...

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