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Spice up your PE classes with innovative activity ideas from teachers working in the field! Learn how to create engaging activities for students that will get everyone involved. Discover new ways to use your existing equipment, how to set up games, and how a little change in routine can create a big impact on students during PE classes.

Top 10 PE Universe Resources

1. Beginner Yoga Poses https://peuniverse.com/resource/beginner-yoga-poses/ By: @PEwithMsM This is the perfect resource to introduce younger students to the benefits of yoga. This...

Top 7 At-Home Activity Videos on PE Universe

At PE Universe, we have been collecting at-home videos from PE teachers, parents, athletes, and everyone in-between for the past two weeks! We wanted to create a hub for all at-home PE activities, resources...

Free Active@Home Skill Development Activity Cards

Active@Home™ is a revolutionary program that combines activity instruction for students to practice at home. Even with little to no time for instruction, you can assign activities included in the cards below,...

SPARK At-Home Free Resources

The health and safety of you and your students are very important to us! If your school has been canceled due to COVID-19, we want to help! We put together FREE resources...

Dynamic PE ASAP In-Home Lesson Plans

DynamicPEASAP.com is an excellent resource for free lesson plans that are great for in-home learning. These plans are credible, research-backed and have been proven successful with students....

Adding the “Physical” to a Literacy Event!

In this Physical Education Podcast, Chris Nichols shares how he took advantage of a literacy school-wide event to teach parents about physical literacy!

5 Rock, Paper, Scissor PE Games for the WIN! [Video]

Did you know that all of our lives’ problems can solved with a good ol’ Rock, Paper, Scissors? Have you seen the video that went viral about the two people fighting over...

My Kindergarten’s Favorite Cartoon and PE Game!

Parrot Analytics shows SpongeBob SquarePants as the most in demand 2019 kids’ cartoon. My Kindergarten students’ favorite game is based on the silly cartoon featuring a sponge and the SHAPE America kindergarten grade level outcome...

Tips for Teaching Juggling in Physical Education

One of my first education classes in college was Learning, Instruction, and Evaluation. The lab for that class was designed to teach future educators how to use all the equipment that a school might have...

Learning Moves & Patterns for Fitness Drumming in PE

Fitness drumming is undoubtably one of the latest fitness trends that has quickly become a classic activity I will use for years to come. It is a great bridge...

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