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Explore a range of strategies and get innovative ideas about conducting fitness assessments in PE classes! Find out how other PE professional organize tests, new ways to perform them, and what sort of assessment tools they use and how they use them.

Bike Rack Assessments: An Underused Assessment Strategy

Wouldn’t it be great if your assessments were efficient, informative, and meshed well with your lessons? While many assessment strategies can be just that, Bike Racks are a unique assessment strategy for...

Measuring Activity Levels with Pedometers

https://youtu.be/7ph-lNj7-8o Episode Transcript: On today's podcast, I want to talk to you about one of my favorite pieces of equipment that utilizes technology...

3 Creative Ways to Assess Students in PE

When was the last time you felt motivated while assessing students? Better question, when was the last time your students felt engaged when being assessed? Assessing students is a common practice...

Using a Bike Rack Assessment Tool During Fitness Stations

https://youtu.be/agOqXhHueaI I'm going to discuss a bike rack assessment tool that can be used during a fitness activity. I've discussed bike racks in another podcast, but this...

3 Lead-Up PE Activities for a Successful PACER Test

Fitness testing is a part of many physical education programs across the United States. I teach in Illinois; and in my state, we are mandated to begin this testing in the third grade. For...

Active Assessments in PE: A Cognitive and Digital Perspective

Assessment in Physical Education and Wellness is not as streamlined or as understood as most contemporary academic disciplines such as Math, Science, ELA, etc. However, it is just as critical for 21st...

Three Motivating Assessment Strategies to Improve Experiences in the Classroom

Take 15-30 seconds and think of the all the feelings you have when you hear the word “assessment.”  What words come to mind?  Now…take 15-30 seconds and think...

Explore 100 Free PE Assessments with DynamicPEASAP.com!

DynamicPEASAP.com is designed as a time-saving, adaptable way for teachers to create their own lesson plans. No lesson plan is complete without an efficient, useful standards-based, grade level outcome driven assessment. This video will provide an overview of the assessments provided in the curriculum.

3 Objective PE Assessment Methods

Every year, I look at my phys ed assessment methods and wonder how I can make students’ grades as objective as possible. Gone are the days where assigning a subjective grade based on...

Using Google Forms for Physical Education Skill Assessment

As a teacher, you are constantly observing your class and seeing a variety of skill levels displayed by your students.  Why not record those observations and use that data to help drive...

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