Home Teaching During COVID Active@Home Cards and Posters with PE Exercises

Active@Home Cards and Posters with PE Exercises

Active@Home: Jump Rope Challenge

Get your students active at home with the Jump Rope Challenge! Complete the jump rope challenge by mastering the 9 jump rope skills, ranging from basic to advanced. In order to complete...

Active@Home: 9 Dumbbell Exercises with Equipment Substitutions

Full-body dumbbell exercises are a great way to get students more comfortable with strength training. These free dumbbell exercise posters feature easy-to-follow instructions and help students learn proper form. All 9 dumbbell...

Active@Home: 8 Warm-Up Exercises

Warm-up exercises are key to preventing injury and ensuring an effective activity time for students. These posters include 8 warm-ups with easy step-by-step instructions so students can correctly perform warm-ups while at...

Active@Home: 9 Full Body Tubing Exercises

It can be difficult to get a full-body workout at home if you have minimal fitness equipment. Here are 9 full body exercises you can complete at home with the use of...

Lesson Plan Ideas for Teaching PE Remotely [Interactive]

This PE podcast will share many home learning lessons and how to teach those lessons without overwhelming their students. Maria Corte is a Physical Education teacher...

Active@Home: 8 Poses for Better Flexibility

Being active at home doesn’t always mean breaking a sweat. Working on your flexibility is a great way to remain active and can be a much-needed break from your daily routine. Here...

Active@Home: 9 Kettlebell Workouts with Equipment Substitutions

With students at home, it can be a challenge to teach physical education and keep kids active. Here are 9 kettlebell exercises that students can try at home.

Active@Home: 5 Speed & Agility Circuits with Equipment Substitutions

Stay active at home with these simple speed & agility circuits that can be completed from the comfort of your own home. All of these circuits can be performed with the suggested equipment, or...

Free Active@Home Skill Development Activity Cards

Active@Home™ is a revolutionary program that combines activity instruction for students to practice at home. Even with little to no time for instruction, you can assign activities included in the cards below,...

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