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From enhancing your current curriculum to learning about innovative approaches to new topics, explore a wide range of examples of lesson plans right here. PE teachers from across the country share their ideas on how to enrich PE lesson plans, while also ensuring they align with state and national standards.

SPARK At-Home Free Resources

The health and safety of you and your students are very important to us! If your school has been canceled due to COVID-19, we want to help! We put together FREE resources...

Dynamic PE ASAP In-Home Lesson Plans

DynamicPEASAP.com is an excellent resource for free lesson plans that are great for in-home learning. These plans are credible, research-backed and have been proven successful with students....

An Overview of the Four-Part PE Lesson

In this podcast episode, Aaron Beighle provides a brief overview of the four-part lesson structure on DynamicPEASAP.com.

Fitness Drumming Lesson Planning Tips in PE

Fitness drumming a great activity for any grade level! It teaches students various patterns, beat recognition and helps develop rhythm all while improving health-related fitness because of...

3 Tips for Leaving Substitute Plans in PE!

Sick days, sometimes we don’t want to use them because it is just easier to go to school sick and do our job than it is to leave...

health. moves. minds. – A NEW SHAPE America Service-Learning Program

https://youtu.be/994n1F1On9U Episode Transcript: Health Moves Minds is a NEW service-learning program by SHAPE America that raises funds for your school and teaches kids how...

How to Create a Yearly PE Plan

https://youtu.be/B4VlOHqjw_M In today's podcast, I want to talk to you about creating a yearly plan and share a quick overview of the steps that I take in preparing...

My Foolproof PE Lesson Plan to Start the Year

When I think back to my first day of the school year as a student, I was super excited to get back to school, see my friends,...

Five Benefits to Starting the School Year with Dynamic PE ASAP

The beginning of the school year is full of anticipation, excitement, and the reminder of, “I have so much to do.” Inevitably, one task that is on the plate of teachers is...
Guest Speaking in Class

Wellness Wednesday: Bringing the Field Trip to You

Two years ago, a task-force for our school decided to implement half day Wednesdays. Yay! It is a win-win. Students go home at 12:15 to work on their demanding IB curriculum, while teachers remain on...

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