Lesson Plans

From enhancing your current curriculum to learning about innovative approaches to new topics, explore a wide range of examples of lesson plans right here. PE teachers from across the country share their ideas on how to enrich PE lesson plans, while also ensuring they align with state and national standards.
Large class size strategy in action

Large Class Sizes? 4 Strategies to Keep Students Moving & Learning

One of the biggest concerns any teacher has is class size. We know class size impacts many aspects of teaching from management and safety within a crowded space to having sufficient supplies/equipment, to individual...
Parkour sign for Teaching Parkour

Parkour in Physical Education

Teaching parkour is a great way to get students active with their surroundings inside or outside, and to get them excited about taking safe risks and enjoying movement. Below are parkour learning targets, a...
Yard Games Equipment

We’re Teaching What in PE?!

I think most professionals reading this blog would subscribe to the professional opinion that PE and Wellness classes are probably some of the most important classes that students can take in their K-12 educational...

Why Teach Dance in PE?

I had a long conversation with a frustrated father last week. He wants his son to study in the library instead of participating in dance in physical education because the dance unit...

The LEARN Model for Effective Lesson Planning in PE

Teachers have the unique opportunity to rethink and realign their lessons to meet (in many cases) new learning objectives.  This is also a chance to re-evaluate the process for lesson planning so...

5 DIY Projects for the Best Field Day Ever!

Are your students bored with the same field day activities year after year? Bring excitement back to field day with 5 DIY projects for the best field day ever!

Create a Parkour Lesson in 3 Easy Steps!

Are you itching to get your students outside? Need a new outdoor activity that doesn't use equipment?  Sometimes a new and innovative lesson is waiting for you right in your own back yard, well, your school’s backyard!...
Dynamic PE Book

Dynamic PE: What is It and How Does It Work?

Last month I blogged about physical education curriculum (check it out). In that blog the components and development of a curriculum were presented. Towards the end I mentioned a curriculum I co-author, Dynamic Physical Education...

Let’s Dance!

Looking for some ideas to spruce up your PE Dance Unit?Let's dance! When I was in college, I took many classes to prepare...

Tips for Incorporating Self-Defense in PE!

The term “self defense” conjures many different pictures in a physical education teachers mind. We often start by thinking of combat skills and martial arts, which is a scary thought for a teacher with 50...

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