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Strengthen bonds between students while incorporating exciting teamwork activities into PE classes! Encouraging students to work together during lessons promotes creativity, builds trust, and teaches them about conflict resolution. Lifelong skills learned during team building games for kids will carry over into other classes.

Team Building Builds Trust and Strengthens Social Emotional Learning

Teamwork is a key factor in the overall success of any team or organization. In comparing the philosophies of the winningest coaches and the most successful leaders in the...

Teaching Cooperative Learning and Problem Solving in PE

This year, I changed up how I teach cooperative learning. I started by looking at the main skills I wanted my students to gain. Listening to others’ ideasCollaboratively solving problemsValuing...

3 Parachute Games Your Students Will Love!

As Physical Education teachers we have the best job! Our students come in excited to see what equipment is out and quickly start guessing what we are doing that day. Nothing gets...

The Perfect PE Activity for Family Night

Our goal as PE teachers is to encourage and develop young students to become lifelong lovers of fitness and well-being. At the elementary level, and even the middle and high school levels,...

4 Simple and Easy Team Building Activities for PE

My favorite team building activities to use are simple and easy to organize. The Counting Game I tell the class the total number of students and...
Maria Corte

5 Team Building and Icebreaker Activities to Start the School Year [Video]

Get students moving while helping them get to know each other better and encourage teamwork with these fun icebreaker activities for physical education! Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament Pair students and have them off and complete one round. Whoever...
Students performing team building activities

4 Team Building Activities for Students

One of the best ways to start your school year is to get your students active and working together! Team building activities for students, also referred to...
Students using Fitness Team Building

Creative Ways to Integrate Fitness with Team Building into PE

Fitness can be fun - and it doesn't have to be just traditional fitness! Integrating intentional fitness into every lesson is a goal of my physical education program. I have found it successful to balance...

Spooky Fun— PE Team Building Activities for Grades K-12

Halloween is quickly approaching and if your students are like mine, they are starting to get squirrely and excited.  Not to mention their increase in sugar intake...

5 DIY Field Day Games!

Are your students bored with the same field day activities year after year? Bring excitement back to field day with 5 DIY projects for the best field day ever!

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